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How to Select a Personal Injury Lawyer

Questions to ask when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury law is probably the only area of the law in which most clients find a lawyer without the recommendation of a friend or the referral of another lawyer.  Accident victims generally find a new injury attorney in three ways: 1. the internet, 2. TV [...]

Drunk Driving Car Accidents Reduced by Ride Sharing

Reduction of Drunk Driving Car Accidents Due to UBER Does the growing use of ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft actually reduce the number of drunk driving car accidents in Houston?  A growing number of studies indicates that this is exactly the case, including one report by MADD.  The reduction in Houston is probably [...]

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TxDOT works to deter post-game drunk driving

It is no secret that drunk driving is a serious issue across the state of Texas. In 2010, there were 25,000 DWI accidents in Texas, placing the state first in the nation in alcohol-related crashes and car accident deaths. New data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) indicates that drunk driving spikes on football game [...]

Vehicle-bike accident near Texas college kills three

Three people are dead and at least one is injured after a series of collisions involving a pickup truck, a bicycle, and several other vehicles near Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Police are not yet sure of the cause of the fatal bike accident, but reports indicate that alcohol was most likely involved. According [...]

Texas man files suit against bar for DWI accident

A Texas man recently filed a lawsuit against a Texas bar, alleging that it over-served a patron and ultimately caused a drunk driving accident that left the plaintiff with severe brain injuries. The personal injury suit also names the owner of the bar as well as the driver and owner of the car involved in the [...]

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Fatal 3-Vehicle Accident Caused by Suspected Drunk Driver

Sadly, another life was lost early this morning due to a suspected drunk driver car accident. Local news stations have reported that a young woman was intoxicated and speeding when she ran a red light, colliding with two vehicles at Boudreaux Road and Highway 249. A driver of one of the vehicles died at the [...]

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Texas DOT hopes to prevent DWI accidents with college program

The Texas Department of Transportation is being more proactive about keeping people safe from drunk drivers with a program designed to show college students the costs of drunk driving. Texas officials are hoping that the program will deter DWI accidents if the students understand the criminal cost of a DWI. If this program keeps even [...]

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DWI Motorcycle Accidents

Earlier this year a rookie deputy with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department was killed when she was ejected from a motorcycle. The deputy was apparently riding as a passenger when the operator struck a curb sending the motorcycle airborne and ejecting her. The DWI  motorcycle operator was later found to have a blood alcohol concentration level [...]

Not All Think DWI Checkpoints are a Bad Idea

Car accidents and resulting fatalities caused by drunk drivers are a too common occurrence in Houston. Yesterday, the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee heard comments regarding the benefits of using what are generally known ad DWI checkpoints to help curb this trend. While some civil rights groups are opposed to what they regard as further [...]

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