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Houston Car Accident Lawyer Michael Fleming has over 27 years of experience helping folks in Houston and throughout Texas who have been injured by the negligence of other drivers.

If the other driver’s insurance adjuster contacts you, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND;

  • The adjuster doesn’t care about you or your injuries.
  • The adjuster and insurance company only care about saving money.
  • They want to pay you as little as possible for your injuries.

You should seek the best Houston car accident lawyer to handle your case.

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We Only Get Paid if We Win


We handle all auto accident cases on a percentage basis. This means we cover all expenses to pursue the claim with the insurance company and file a lawsuit for the injuries  you suffered in the accident.

We don’t get our expenses and fees unless there is an award or settlement.

If we don’t win your auto accident case, you owe us nothing.

Houston Car Accident Statistics

Driving on busy Houston highways requires care and attention. Traffic accidents in Houston can happen at any time and this is especially true during rush hour when you can expect high volumes of traffic and delays on I-10, US 59, I-45 and the toll-ways.

Car accidents can result from drivers who are distracted by talking on cell phones or texting and drivers who speed and are aggressive or reckless.

Car Accident

According to our analysis 2015 Texas Department of Transportation statistics, there were 13,616 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2015 with 17,011 people sustaining a serious injury.

With more than 246 billion miles traveled in Texas in 2015, these numbers are understandable but also preventable. Many of these auto accidents and traffic fatalities occurred in our area and an analysis of the statistics shows that the trend continues.

Automobile drivers and passengers who do not use a seat belt or are not properly restrained are much more likely to suffer fatal injuries in car crashes; 37% of those who died in car accidents in 2015 occurred when the individual was not wearing a safety harness.

DUI is another preventable cause of fatalities, with 27% of fatal car accidents in 2015 caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol.

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Causes of Car Accidents in Houston and all over Texas

Car accidents can happen for many reasons and Texas law allows you to recover money for your injuries. We handle all types of car wrecks resulting from:

  • Drunk Driving (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has reported that since 1980, there has been significant drop in the number of people killed annually as a result of a drunk driver in car crashes. Even with the awareness MADD has brought to the issue, drivers continue to risk their lives and the lives of others when they get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Harris County in Houston, Texas lead all counties in Texas in 2013 with 149 fatal car crashes and 158 fatalities as a result of drunk drivers. Intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault are criminal offenses resulting from auto accidents which can subject the drunk to unlimited punitive damages.
  • Distracted Driving talking on cell phones or texting while driving continues to be a leading cause of car accidents. In just a few seconds drivers who are distracted can easily veer off the side of the road causing a single vehicle auto accident or drift into another lane and cause a crash involving a number of cars and trucks. The next time you are stuck in traffic or a passenger in a car, take a look at the other drivers on the road and notice how many are either texting or using their cell phone or other app.  You will be shocked.  This is happening all the time and will get worse and worse as more people have smart phones and cannot wait a few minutes to respond to the latest text or call.  Distracted driving in Houston often results in multi-vehicle crashes.
  • Aggressive  Reckless Driving the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines aggressive  and reckless driving as “an individual who commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property”. Aggressive driving can take the form of speeding, running red lights, tailgating and general disregard for the rules of the road. The leading causes of car accidents from aggressive driving in Texas are speeding and failure to control speed of the automobile. Other leading causes are following too closely, changing lanes when it is unsafe or failure to pass safely on Houston highways.
  • Running Red Lights and other traffic signal violations.  Lately,  more and more car accidents have been caused by drivers who are texting while driving rather than inattentiveness.  Liability is clear when one driver has ignored a red light and caused an accident.
  • Drowsy or Fatigued DrivingThis can actually be as dangerous as drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs – legal or not.  If somebody gets behind the wheel of an automobile when it is dangerous whether because of alcohol or exhaustion, they are putting other people on the road at risk.
  • Head On Collisions are usually the result of drunk driving or people falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Backing-Up Car Accidents are a common cause of injury and death in Houston.  Even with the latest technology such as back-up cameras and sensors, drivers are still required to exercise utmost care when backing up a car or truck.
  • Tire Blowouts.  Tire blowouts can be the result of many factors including, defective tires, improper installation, over-inflation, under-inflation, over-use and road hazards.

Whatever the cause, the basic elements of an auto accident are similar to any negligence claim. Your lawyer must prove that someone acted in a negligent manner causing recoverable damages.  This simply means that they were careless in the operation of their car and this caused the collision and your injuries.

What To Do After A Houston Car Wreck

Take care of your injuries. Your first need after an auto accident is to get medical treatment. Some people injured in an automobile accident put off going to the doctor or emergency room.

A delay in seeking medical attention for an injury can be used against you by the insurance company. We have seen this happen time and time again.

Delays in treatment can ruin your claim.

An accident victim who is hurting puts off going to the doctor because they hope the pain will go away. After a lengthy delay, they cannot stand the pain any longer and see a doctor only to find out that they actually have a serious injury cause by the accident.

Invariably, the insurance company and its lawyers claim the delay in treatment is evidence that there were NO injuries sustained in the crash.

It is ironic that an accident victim who tries to avoid medical expenses is later accused of bringing a fake claim but this is exactly what happens.

If you want to delay hiring an attorney that is fine, DO NOT delay seeking medical care if you are hurting. Do it immediately.  The faster you seek medical help, the sooner you may be able to heal from your injuries.

Talk to a car crash attorney, not an insurance company. Insurance company representatives often contact victims soon after their car accident to obtain a recorded statement or offer a low-ball settlement.

When you are recovering from an injury, you are not in the best condition to answer an insurance company’s detailed questions.

Adjusters who take recorded statements are as skilled as trial lawyers in framing questions and eliciting answers that only benefit the insurance company.

Remember, the only reason the adjuster wants to record your statement is to reduce the amount of money you are entitled to under the law.

Adjusters will attempt to settle your case BEFORE you hire a lawyer.

Why do you think this is the case? It is because the adjuster does not want you to hire a lawyer.  They would rather pay you less than the law requires and get you to sign away all of your rights to future compensation for pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Report the accident, and see your doctor, but then talk to a lawyer immediately.

Act quickly there is a statute of limitations in Texas of two years.

This means that you have two years after the car accident to file a lawsuit.  It may seem like plenty of time but accident victims often wait too long and then their claim for compensation is barred by law.

The clock is ticking while you are tending to their injuries and medical care.

Insurance adjusters know this and are keenly aware of this deadline but they NEVER inform the accident victim.  When the injured victim has no lawyer, the adjuster will drag out negotiations until the day after the two year deadline and then refuse to pay anything.

Acting quickly is often necessary when the car accident scene needs to be investigated or witness statements taken. Evidence sometimes needs to be preserved with a court order.

When you are the victim of a serious injury, the insurance company will be working hard to collect facts and evidence to bolster a defense to your claim and minimize your damages. It is crucial that you contact experienced car accident lawyers soon so that accident evidence and witness accounts will still be fresh.

Find out more about what to do after an accident by visiting our Car Accident FAQ Page.

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If you were injured report the accident, see a doctor and call a lawyer.

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The Rights of a Passenger Injured in a Houston Car Accident

If you were a passenger in a car – whether riding in a taxi, limo or with a friend, on a highway or in the city – and sustained injuries in a crash, you have the same rights to seek compensation as any other victim.

This may seem obvious but some people may hesitate seeking compensation if their friend or relative was the driver that caused the accident. Sometimes this is because they don’t want to accuse the friend of wrongdoing or they are concerned that the friend or relative’s insurance rates will go up.

First of all, a friend probably won’t care if you seek rightful compensation from their insurance company.

Furthermore, if there was another person injured who is seeking compensation then the insurance company is unlikely to increase the rates any more if you make a claim.

Many people believe that they can’t bring a claim if a relative was the at-fault driver.

This is not true.

You certainly can bring a claim against the insurance company if you were hurt in an accident that was caused by your relative. Don’t let the adjuster tell you otherwise.

When Someone Other Than The Driver Is At Fault…

In some cases, a claim for personal injury from an auto accident may also be brought against individuals other than the negligent driver.

If the driver was working for another company or individual, then the employer may be responsible for the driver’s negligence and the resulting damages. Additionally even if not working, the owner of the vehicle may be liable for the negligence of the driver.

This is known as liability for negligent entrustment.

Under this cause of action, the owner of a vehicle who allows another to operate it can be held liable for his or her negligent driving. Car owners may be liable if they negligently entrusted the vehicle to somebody they knew, or should have known, to be a reckless, incompetent or unlicensed driver.

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