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Our offshore injury lawyers help seamen injured in Jones Act and other Maritime injury cases. Have you been injured in a maritime, cruise ship, airplance or boating accident? Different laws can apply depending on whether you were injured offshore while working, in a pleasure boat or even as a passenger on a cruise ship. Our Texas maritime accident lawyers can help you gain compensation for your injuries.

For comprehensive legal representation from a Texas maritime accident lawyer, contact Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C.

If You or a Family Member Was Injured on a Boat or While Working in the Gulf of Mexico — Trust the Personal Injury Trial Attorneys at Michael P. Fleming & Associates. If you were injured on a cruise ship, contact cruise ship injury trial attorneys as soon as you return home.

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Our Houston maritime accident lawyers are prepared to fight for your right to proper compensation if you were injured at sea. A statute of limitations may apply is some instances, so it important to act promptly.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to an unfortunate incident on a ship, boat, barge or other seagoing vessel, contact us today. We help seamen who have been injured in the Houston area, Galveston area and anywhere in Texas or the Gulf of Mexico. Our Houston Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyers are ready to hear from you right now. If you or your business has been damaged by recent oil spill disasters, call us today to discuss potential claims.