///Avoiding a Wreck with a Drunk Driver

Avoiding a Wreck with a Drunk Driver

What does a drunk driver look like, and what should I do when I see one?

A video of a Houston drunk driver recently went viral. The video shows a man driving in River Oaks breaking numerous traffic laws and endangering people in the process. The video also shows how the filmer stopped the suspect before anyone was killed. Unfortunately, a large number  of accidents my firm handles are a result of drunk driving.

How Bad is the Drunk Driving Problem in Houston?

Every year, 11,000 Americans die as a result of drunk driving, and a countless amount suffer serious bodily injury. Harris County is known nationwide as having one of the largest drunk driving problems in the country. Many attribute this problem as being a result of Houston’s vibrant nightlife, limited public transportation system, and enormous geographic size. The steps below Man drinking alcohol while drivinginclude signs that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stated is associated with drunk drivers.

These signs are also used by police officers to detect drunk drivers.

  1. Swaying in and out of lanes
  2. Sudden acceleration and braking
  3. Failure to pay attention to changing road conditions
  4. Sudden, sharp, and jerky reactions

If you see any of these signs, do the following:

  1. Make sure you and your loved ones have their seat belts fastened
  2. Pull over and call 911 and report to the police:
    1. A detailed description of the car (color, make, model, license plate number)
    2. The direction the car was travelling and the road on Man under arrest for drunk drivingwhich the car was travelling. If the car was driving on the freeway, tell the police which exit you saw the car at.
    3. Describe the signs you saw that made you suspect the driver was intoxicated
  3. DO NOT follow too closely. Drunk drivers tend to suddenly and unexpectedly apply brakes.
  4. DO NOT attempt to push the car off the side of the road. Houston police are trained to handle these types of situations and are more equipped to subdue the driver.
  5. DO NOT attempt to stop the vehicle

If drivers follow these steps and report any drunk drivers to police officers, it is our hope that Texas roads and highways are consequently made safer for families and children.

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