///Congress Goes After Dangerous Morcellator Devices

Congress Goes After Dangerous Morcellator Devices

Members of Congress have asked the FDA to investigate the approval process which put the laparoscopic power morcellator devices on the market.

These dangerous medical devices have been the subject of controversy for the past several years after it was disclosed that they could cause dangerous cancer cells to spread within a woman’s body.  These machines were used in uterine fibroid removal and hysterectomy surgery to cut out tissue.  However, it has been found that if the patient had previously unknown cancer, the morcellator could cause the cancer to spread making a perhaps treatable case into terminal cancer or at lease make the treatment much worse.

The FDA began investigating these devices and they were the subject of  various recalls but not before they were used on thousands and thousands of women – many of whom have since received a cancer diagnosis.

Since these recalls, many lawsuits have been filed across the country on behalf of the affected women.




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