///Distracted doctoring leads to medical malpractice case in Dallas

Distracted doctoring leads to medical malpractice case in Dallas

By now, we all know that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. It is simply not possible to safely operate a motor vehicle while also reading your email or texting a friend, for example. Unfortunately, a number of drivers continue to throw caution to the wind and engage in distractions while behind the wheel–but, it is not only drivers who are guilty of failing to focus on the task at hand.

In a recent case in Dallas, an anesthesiologist admitted that he was using Facebook during a surgical procedure. The surgery did not go well, and the patient did not survive. The anesthesiologist and another doctor are now facing a medical malpractice lawsuit that claims they were practicing “distracted doctoring.”

The anesthesiologist stands accused of failing to notice in a timely manner that the patient’s blood-oxygen levels had dropped to dangerously low levels.

During an interrogation, the surgeon stated that the anesthesiologist was on either a cellphone or iPad when he should have been reporting the patient’s blood-oxygen levels. The surgeon also said that it is not unusual for anesthesiologists to check their cellphones during surgical procedures.

The anesthesiologist involved in this case has admitted that he sent text messages and posted to Facebook during the deadly procedure.

The family is seeking to hold Medical City Dallas accountable as well as the two doctors.

The future of this case remains to be seen. When physicians or hospitals fail to meet certain standards when providing patient care, the results can be absolutely tragic. It is important that such individuals and organizations are held responsible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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