///Fatal 3-Vehicle Accident Caused by Suspected Drunk Driver

Fatal 3-Vehicle Accident Caused by Suspected Drunk Driver

Sadly, another life was lost early this morning due to a suspected drunk driver car accident. Local news stations have reported that a young woman was intoxicated and speeding when she ran a red light, colliding with two vehicles at Boudreaux Road and Highway 249. A driver of one of the vehicles died at the scene, while the other driver was transported to Memorial Hermann in critical condition.  Preliminary reports indicate that the at-fault driver was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Unfortunately, this is the story all too often. It’s estimated that one individual dies every 50 minutes due to the negligent act of a drunk driver. However, despite the heightened measures by legislators and law enforcement agencies to reduce DWI accidents, individuals continue to get behind the wheel drunk, putting the lives of innocent individuals in jeopardy. The result of this decision to drive while drunk can be devastating to the families and friends of their victims.

Losing a loved one to such a senseless act can be heartbreaking, and often families don’t know where to turn. In addition to criminal charges, a drunk driver can be subject to civil liability for damages caused to his or her victims or families, including punitive damages designed to punish their decision to drive drunk and risk you and your family’s lives. If you or someone you care about has been hit by a drunk driver, call a board certified personal injury attorney today to ensure your rights are protected; victims deserve a voice.