Hit by a Drunk Driver?

What Should You do if Hit by a Drunk Driver?

So you are driving in Houston when suddenly you the victim of a car accident.  As you get out of your vehicle it is clear that the other driver who caused the crash is intoxicated.  What should you do?  These are some of the steps you should take to protect yourself and your rights.

  1. Call the police and report the accident.  The drunk driver will not want the police called and might try to talk you out of making the report.  Do not fall for this.  It is important to call the police for several reasons.  First, you need a proper accident report issued showing who was at fault in the crash.  Second, the drunk driver needs to be taken off the road so that he does not cause another accident that day or night.  Believe it or not, there have been many instances where a drunk is detained by police or causes an accident and then is released only to cause another accident.  Finally, it might be necessary to have the police there for your own protection – especially at night.  People who cause accidents while drunk driving can be belligerent and pose a threat to the accident victims.  It is always safer to have the police present.
  2. Take  photographs of the drunk driver’s license and insurance card. The easiest way to exchange Drunk Driverinformation is to ask to take photos of the drunk’s drivers license and insurance card.  Texas law requires people to share this information if there is a car accident and this is the best way to do it so there is no mistake in writing down the information.
  3. Take a photograph of the license plate of the drunk driver. Take a picture of the license plate of the car that was driving by the dunk driver.  Sometimes, drunks that cause accidents tend to leave the scene of the accident before the police arrive – assuming that their vehicle is still operable.  They know that once they exchange information after the accident they are free to leave and might try to do so before the cops arrive and arrest them.  Taking a picture of the license plate allows you to give the information to the police so that they can try to find them in the area before the injure another person in another accident.
  4. Take pictures of the damage to the cars. Assuming you are not too injured, you should take photographs of the damage to the cars in the accident. This can be important if you bring a claim for your injuries and need to show just how extensive the impact was in the crash.
  5. Video the Drunk Driver.  We have handled many car accident cases which were caused by drunk drivers who left the scene before the police arrived.  If you can safely do so, video the drunk driver on your phone.  This will be important evidence if he or she takes off before the police arrive.  Even if the police come and the drunk driver is arrested, having video to show to the insurance company or a jury in a trial will be very compelling evidence in your claim for injuries and damages.
  6. Contact a Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer. Michael P. Fleming has helped many victims who suffered as a result of a drunk driving accident. Once you have received treatment for your injuries call for a FREE no obligation consultation regarding your case. DO NOT speak to the insurance companies without hiring a lawyer first.
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