//Texas Car Accident Injuries and Causes

Texas Car Accident Injuries and Causes

By |September 1st, 2016|

The Texas Department of Transportation reports a rise in motorcycle accidents across Texas. Experienced car and motorcycle accident lawyers can help the process of financial and medical recovery.

Across the state of Texas, car accident fatalities in 2015 happened at the startling rate of one death every 2.5 hours.

In Harris County last year, the Texas Department of Transportation reports more than 110,000 car accidents. More than 360 people died and more than 33,000 were injured as a result of those accidents.

Motorcycle fatalities, meanwhile, topped 450 in Texas in 2015, for an average of more than one death of a motorcyclist a day. Compared to 2004, that number has risen 58%. Injuries on motorcycles are also up in Texas, with more than 1860 injuries counted last year.

Accidents involving cars or motorcycles usually cause high-velocity injuries that can affect nearly every aspect of your life. In our line of work, we’ve seen time and again, legal support aids a smooth recovery process with proper medical care and time off.

So what is the cause of these accidents, and can they be prevented?

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Car Accident Causes

Across Texas, the top 10 contributing car crash factors in 2015 were:

# Crash Contributing Factor Total Crashes in 2015
1 Failed to control speed 136,383
2 Driver inattention 94,876
3 Failed to drive in single lane 36,238
4 Changed lane when unsafe 34,157
5 Failed to yield while turning left 30,741
6 Unsafe speed 26,608
7 Followed too closely 25,436
8 Failed to yield at a stop sign 25,329
9 Faulty evasive action 23,945
10 Disregard stop and go signal 20,983

The fastest way to eliminate thousands of preventable car accidents a year in Houston is by driving at safe speeds and disengaging in distractions while driving.


Last April’s TxDOT campaign to end distracted driving focused on mobile phone use behind the wheel – a risky habit that 28% of Texas drivers admitted to in 2015. If you need a lawyer to prove a driver’s negligence due to phone use, Texas car accident attorneys at Michael P. Fleming & Associates are here to help.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

There are more motorcycles than ever driving on Texas roads. But with a death a day, Texas Department of Transportation had an awareness campaign in May called “Look Twice: Share the Road with Motorcycles.”

The primary cause of motorcycle accidents is a collision with a car or truck – the cause of about half of motorcycle deaths. Behind these accidents are usually one or more of these three contributing factors:

  1. A car or truck driver misjudging how close or fast a motorcycle is traveling.
  2. Congested roadways making it difficult to see motorcycles.
  3. Distracted drivers – in 2015 38% of Texas drivers admitted to using their phone while driving at least some times.

With many of these motorcycle accidents are preventable with some modified behaviors on the part of drivers, the TxDOT shares these safety tips:

  • Look twice for motorcycles, especially at intersections.
  • Use your turn signals.
  • Don’t follow a motorcycle too closely.
  • Check your mirrors before changing lanes.
  • Always assume motorcycles are closer than they appear to be.
  • Give motorcyclists a full lane.

The Most Common Car Accident and Motorcycle Crash Injuries

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we regularly represent clients who have been seriously hurt in car crashes and motorcycle accidents.


Distracted driving is the second most common contributing factor in car and motorcycle accidents in Texas, causing hundreds of serious injuries and even deaths in Houston every year.

Below are the six most common accident-related injuries we help clients recover from with legal support to enable financial and medical care:

  • Head Injury (Traumatic Brain Injury): One strong blow or jolt to the head can cause a traumatic brain injury, making it one of the most common auto- and motorcycle-related crash injuries.  A traumatic brain injury requires immediate medical attention; complications can include everything from headaches and dizziness to seizures, a coma, and even death. After emergency care, you might need medications, surgery, and rehabilitation and the road ahead might be long. Diagnosing a traumatic brain injury is tricky and often gets misdiagnosed or completely overlooked.
  • Neck Injury: If you were rear-ended in a car crash, chances are you’re suffering from whiplash injury. During whiplash, when the head is violently moved back and then forward, the soft tissues of the neck are strained and cause pain. If the pain is intense and lasts longer than a few days, you might need medication, therapy, and even surgery.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: According to the Mayo Clinic, car and motorcycle crashes are the “leading cause of spinal cord injuries, accounting for more than 35 percent of new spinal cord injuries each year.” Injury to any part of your spinal cord is not only painful, but can reduce motor and sensory functions. In worst case scenarios, a spinal cord injury can cause paralysis. Recovery is usually a long process anywhere between months to an entire year and may include medications, surgery, and ongoing care. Often times, patients must relearn how to walk and accomplish basic daily tasks.
  • Leg and Foot Injuries: Car and motorcycle accidents can crush and break bones in your legs, ankles or feet, leaving you in pain and barely able to walk. According to the Mayo Clinic, “fractures can occur when your knees become jammed against the dashboard during a collision.” Along with medication, a broken ankle or foot might require physical therapy and in some cases even surgery.
  • Arm and Wrist Injuries: Bones in your arms, wrists, and hands can break during a motorcycle crash or vehicle accident. Although the treatment time depends on the type of fracture, your recovery will mostly likely include a cast or brace, medication, therapy, and in some cases surgery.
  • Psychological Impact: Major motorcycle and car accidents are traumatic events, and the pain associated with these events can affect more than your body. Emotional trauma from car accidents includes anxiety, depression, irritability, and emotional outbursts. Some people also experience insomnia or excess sleep.

Sharing motorcycle and car accident injury statistics and prevention tips is an important part of our role as Texas car accident lawyers. If you’ve recently been injured in a car or motorcycle collision, an attorney at our firm can help you receive the financial compensation you need for recovery.

Have you Been Injured in a Vehicle or Motorcycle Crash?

Collisions involving cars and motorcycles cause serious injuries that often affect all aspects of life, from employment and relationships to hobbies. If you have been involved in one of the hundreds of preventable car and motorcycle accidents happening in Houston each year, we are experienced attorneys who can help you.

A board certified car accident attorney can evaluate your case and help you receive the compensation you deserve to heal from your injuries and get back to your normal life.

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