Soft Tissue Injuries experienced in a Houston Car Accident

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Car accidents can result in horrific injuries. Broken bones, burns, and lacerations not only cause substantial pain and suffering, but may leave you harmed financially due to large medical bills and missed time from work. Like many visible bodily injuries, soft tissue damage such as neck sprains or spinal cord injuries can also cause significant pain and require medical attention. Unlike cuts and broken bones, however, soft tissue injuries are often treated with more skepticism.

Despite the invisibility of a soft tissue injuries, victims of auto accidents may recover damages for their soft tissue injuries such as medical bills, lost wages, and earning capacity, and pain and suffering. Victims can seek to recover compensation from the driver at fault in court. Due to the nature of soft tissue claims, however, winning soft tissue claim cases tends to be more difficult despite the victim’s right to receive legal compensation for those injuries.

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Soft Tissue Injuries Defined and Explained

Soft tissue damage is any injury to ligaments, muscles, or tendons in a particular area of the body. Soft tissue damage can occur in any part of the body, but in auto accidents, soft tissue damage to the back and neck is the most common. These types of spinal cord injuries or neck injuries often result in pain, swelling, and disability in that area.

Treatment for Soft Tissue Injuries

As a general rule, if you have been injured in an auto accident, you should seek immediate medical attention. Your health is the most important asset you have, and you should seek treatment advice from a trained physician.

Unlike more visible lacerations and broken bones, soft tissue injuries are underlying injuries. This means that serious soft tissue damage often cannot be cured without surgeries or extensive physical therapy. Physical therapy is the most commonly prescribed treatment for soft tissue injuries; however, physical therapy may not be a true fix. Victims of soft tissue damage may have difficulty flexing and moving those muscles without pain for the rest of their lives.

If I have soft tissue injuries from a car accident can I file a claim?

Bringing Soft Tissue Injury Claims in Court

Due to the largely invisible nature of soft tissue injury claims, it can be difficult to effectively bring soft tissue injury claims in court. The first step to bringing a successful claim is to document the injury. Soft tissue injuries cannot be seen with the naked eye; however, an MRI can effectively document the injury. Additionally, treating physicians’ medical records can assist in creating an evidence trail to prove the existence of the injury.

Soft tissue injury claims should be filed with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Not only will an attorney be able to help claimants successfully file claims, but an attorney will also be able to properly direct the trial process from gathering evidence and making a case to hiring expert witnesses and selecting a jury. In many cases, soft tissue injury claims will settle out of court, and it can be invaluable to have an attorney negotiate with the offending driver or his or her insurance company.

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