Accidents at the Airport in Houston

Houston Airport Car Accident Lawyers

Serious automobile collisions at airports are a fairly common occurrence in Houston. This is because the city is home to two major airports – George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Willam P. Hobby Airport.

Of the two, George Bush (IAH) is larger and busier. As a result, the rental car center at the airport is large and, as with many airports, you have to take a bus to get there. JFK Blvd is the main road into the airport with two lanes in both directions. At its busiest times, many drivers fail to remain aware of where they are going, and serious car accidents occur. Other common causes of auto collisions at airports include people being rushed, people unfamiliar with the airport, and a high volume of traffic and chaos.

If you or a family member was involved in a collision near the airport due to another driver’s negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation for your harms and losses. Call our Houston car wreck lawyer today!

Determining Liability in an Airport Car Accident

Before you can get compensation for your harms and losses, you (through your Houston car accident lawyer) have to establish liability on the other driver. Determining the liable parties in an airport car accident is quite tricky. If you try doing it on your own, you might either miss important parties or go after the wrong parties. This is why you should speak to an experienced Houston auto accident lawyer.

I was hit driving on JFK boulevard going into the airport. What can I do?

Compensation in a Car Accident that Occurred Near an Airport

You may be able to obtain the following types of damages through a car accident injury claim:

  • Medical bills: Medical bills can cost a small fortune, depending on the severity of your injuries. Trying to take care of your medical bills from your own pocket could easily set you back tens of thousands of dollars. This is why your compensation claim should cover your medical bills.
  • Pain and suffering: Being involved in a car accident is a stressful, traumatic experience that can have implications far beyond your immediate bodily injuries. That is why you can seek compensation for the non-economic harms you suffered in the collision.
  • Permanent physical disability: Car accidents can lead to permanent disability like injury to your spinal cord, broken bones, loss of limb, and so on. These disabilities will affect your quality of life. So, make sure it is included in your compensation claim.
  • Property damage or loss: A car accident can result in damage to your vehicle and other property involved in the collision. Your compensation claim can replace or repair these damaged properties.
  • Lost wages or salary: During the course of treatment, you might be unable to work for extended periods of time. Your claim should compensate you for the wages you lose during the period you are unable to work.

Injured in an Auto Accident Near the Airport?

Contact a Houston Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a family member was injured in an auto accident at a Houston airport, take action today and schedule a time to speak to an experienced Houston personal injury attorney. Contact Fleming Law, P.C., to schedule a free consultation with a car injury attorney.