How Do I Fix My Car After A Damage Claim?

How Do I Fix My Car After A Damage Claim?

When you are recuperating from a car accident, it can be the worst possible time to deal with an insurance company over a vehicle damage claim. How can you be sure the insurance company is treating you fairly?
At the law firm of Fleming Law, P.C., in Houston, we often receive questions from our clients about vehicle damage claims. If we are representing you in a personal injury case against the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we will handle your vehicle damage claim at no cost. We do this so you can focus on what is most important: recovering your health.

What Can I Do If The Insurance Company Is Not Treating Me Fairly?

When you suffer vehicle damage due to the negligence of another driver, his or her insurance company is responsible for repairing your car and providing a rental car during the time your car is in the shop. If your car is totaled, you have a right to recover the fair market value. Most insurance companies will also provide a rental car while you are buying a new car.
Most auto insurance policies have an appraisal process for resolving disputes about the value of your vehicle. The Texas Department of Insurance is also available to help consumers resolve complaints against auto insurance companies.
The first offer you receive from an insurance company is usually less that the full amount you deserve. However, a letter from your attorney is usually enough to persuade the insurance company to treat you fairly.

For More Information About Fixing Your Car After A Damage Claim

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