No Witness For My Car Accident

Proving a Car Accident with No Witnesses in Houston

busy interstate in Houstonbusy interstate in HoustonCar accidents are pretty uncomfortable situations. Anyone who has ever been involved in one will tell you they are very scary and quite stressful. There is no real way to prepare for car accidents because they often happen out of the blue without warning. When they do happen, it is important to be aware that fault is a major issue, especially if you or a family member is seriously injured and pursue financial compensation through a personal injury claim. Most insurance companies are only inclined to settle a claim if liability on their insured is clearly established.

This task becomes quite difficult when there are no witnesses.

What usually happens when an accident occurs is that the two drivers involved get each other’s insurance details and file claims with the respective insurance companies. This is because each would feel it was the other driver’s fault.

Due to the conflicting statements that each driver makes to the other’s insurer, it becomes a game of whom to believe. When no witnesses are available, it is still possible to provide enough proof of how the car accident happened and that it was the other driver’s fault, not yours.

Take Photos of the Damage

Your smartphone can become a “digital witness” when you take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and the surroundings. You can also make a video recording of your interaction with the other driver, especially if he or she appears to be intoxicated.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

In order to successfully file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company, you need his or her contact information. This includes full name, address, phone number and other contact details. You should also expressly ask for a copy of his or her auto insurance card so you know whom to contact in order to submit a claim. Make sure that the driver is the owner of the car. If not, collect the details of the owner too.

Ensure that you obtain the driver’s license number and always make sure to check that the other driver’s license is not expired. If it is expired, then he or she may be at fault as he or she should not have been on the road in the first place.

Call the Cops

It is not a requirement in every state that persons involved in a minor car accident call the cops. Calling the cops may be necessary, however, to document the car accident. Statements would naturally be obtained from both drivers and these statements can be strong proof of how the accident happened.

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