Fatal Car Accidents

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Car accidents are one of the greatest risks that most of us expose ourselves to every day. It is all too easy to forget the level of risk involved in traveling in an automobile until an accident occurs. Losing someone you love in an accident that could have been prevented is a painful experience no one should have to go through without experienced legal guidance and advocacy to help them secure accountability for their loss.

Spouses, children and other family members will want to file a wrongful death claim in these cases. Insurance companies will not willingly provide the compensation that you and your family deserve after losing a loved one in a fatal car wreck and that is why you need to speak to an experienced attorney who has handled these cases before.

By securing the representation of an experienced Houston auto accident attorney who has the skills and experience necessary to build an effective case, you have the best chance of creating accountability and securing meaningful compensation.

How Can an Attorney Help My Family?

At Fleming Law, P.C., our attorneys understand the grief you and your loved ones are experiencing during such a difficult time. We are dedicated to providing exceptional representation and service that is as compassionate as it is effective. One of the first things our attorneys will do is gather evidence related to the accident.

  • Was anyone arrested and charged? In Houston, these fatalities are usually reported in the news and police tend to make official releases of information about the accident. If the person who caused the accident is charged and arrested our attorneys will use that information against the insurance company to get as much compensation as quickly as possible.
  • Did the person who caused the wreck to get a ticket? Even if someone wasn’t charged with a crime, these accidents are thoroughly investigated by police and experts, more so than other less serious crashes. Our attorneys will secure this information for you to build a case against the insurance company.
  • We will handle the insurance company. During this time your focus should be on your family, our attorneys will focus on all of the details of your case. When we represent your family you can call us or meet with us at any time to discuss your case.
How do you file a claim when someone died in a car accident?

What are the Leading Causes of Fatal Accidents?

Many studies have been conducted to try and answer this question. The most reliable information is published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Since our attorneys have handled these cases before, we have a keen sense of what likely happened in your loved one’s accident, and most of the time it’s on this list. These statistics come from the NHTSA 2016 fatal crash data.

  • Drunk driving (10,497 deaths). Still a problem, drunk driving tops the list. In Houston this includes wrong-way drivers, hi-impact rear-end wrecks, or head-on collisions. If the driver was drunk rest assured our attorneys will uncover that and use it as evidence to win a settlement for you.
  • Speed related (10,111 deaths). Driving in Houston can be dangerous at any time during any day. Unfortunately, people who drive recklessly at excessive speeds cause horrific accidents and the statistics show that speeding is still a leading cause of fatalities on our roads.
  • Distracted driving (3,450 fatalities). Drivers continue to have little regard for common sense when it comes to distracted driving. Whether it’s answering a call, texting, or using an app this type has behavior causes serious injury. Our attorneys have ways to determine if cell phone use was a factor so let us conduct the investigation for you.
  • Motorcycle accidents (5,286 fatalities). If you are from Texas you know that motorcycles are popular in the state as you can ride them nearly all year long. As a driver, you need to share the road with motorcycles and give them as much respect as any other driver. Aggressive or intoxicated drivers can easily cause serious and fatal injury to people riding motorcycles by rear-ending them or hitting them at speed from the side.
  • Pedestrians (5,987 deaths). In Houston, pedestrians need to be extra vigilant because of the large number of one-way streets downtown which are designed to keep the flow of traffic moving. The downside to this is that pedestrians can be hit by cars trying to get to where they are going quickly and serious fatal injuries are the result.

Where do Fatal Accidents Happen?

In Texas, many people think that most accidents happen at intersections in the city when in fact this is not the case. According to the TxDOT annual crash summary in 2018 most fatalities in Texas occur on US & State Highways. Whether it was in a city or in a rural area of Texas our attorneys can handle your case and get a settlement with the insurance company.

  • US & State Highways (1,530). These crashes can occur near cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin but many occur on rural state highways that connect smaller communities. Many of these highways are a single lane each way and most wrecks occur on the curves in the road. Drunk driving is a leading cause of fatalities in rural areas.
  • Interstate (686). Many of these accidents will happen near larger cities in Texas because of the volume of traffic. Speed is often a factor in events that happen on freeways in Texas.
  • Farm-to-Market (599). Traditionally these are state and county roads that were used by farmers and ranchers who would use them to move their agricultural products to market towns. These modern roads are of good quality, unfortunately, reckless drivers take advantage of the rural surroundings and far too often cause serious fatal accidents here.
  • City Streets (566). Houston is an expansive city with a busy downtown core. Pedestrians have to be aware at all times, drivers who are distracted by their mobile phones going to or from work or drunk drivers at night pose a risk to people who are walking or crossing city streets.

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