Accidents on Hardy Toll Road

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Traffic is typically heavy and hazardous throughout the Houston metropolitan region, and Hardy Toll Road is no exception. Hardy Toll Road is sandwiched in between Interstate 45 and Interstate 69 as it makes its way from central Houston north towards Aldine and Spring. While it is short, it has more than its fair share of serious auto wrecks due to a high number of dangerous on and off ramps, and countless drivers who distract themselves with cell phones, cut others off, and exceed the speed limit in order to shave a minute off their commute. If you have been injured in a car accident in Houston, call our car accident attorneys, today!

Wrong Way Collision Kills Three on Hardy Toll Road

Three were killed in a wrong-way crash on Hardy Toll Road, as reported by ABC Eyewitness News. A wrong-way driver hit a couple head-on. It is still unknown whether alcohol was involved, but it is known that the negligent wrong-way driver was driving at a reckless speed of 100 miles per hour at one point.

Another driver hit me and caused a wreck on the Hardy Toll road in Houston. Do I need an attorney?

Popular Toll Road To And From Houston Intercontinental Airport

Since interstate highways 45 and 69 can get congested the Hardy Toll road is a popular option for people coming from downtown Houston to the airport or for people arriving from other cities. Even if the toll road isn’t that busy, drivers are tempted to speed on their way to the airport. Weaving in and out of traffic is extremely dangerous as serious accidents can happen with cars rolling over or hitting hard into concrete barriers. This is one reason why traffic cameras are installed at various points along the way. If you were injured going to or coming from the airport call our attorneys to discuss the accident. Gathering evidence to support your claim is critical and it needs to happen as soon as possible.

Were You Hit at Any of the Following Hazardous Sections of Hardy Toll Road?

Houston TranStar has traffic cameras set up at all of the following sections of Hardy Toll Road, which see the highest number of traffic collisions along the route:

  • At East Hardy (North)
  • At East Hardy (South)
  • At Riley Fuzzell (North)
  • At Riley Fuzzell (South)
  • At Lexington Woods (North)
  • At E Louetta (South)
  • At Cypresswood (South)
  • At North Hardy TP (North)
  • At North Hardy TP
  • At Cypress Creek (North)
  • At FM-1960 Ramp Plaza
  • At Turkey Creek (North)
  • At Turkey Creek (South)
  • At Richey Ramp Plaza
  • At Airtex (North)
  • At Airtex (South)
  • At Rankin Ramp Plaza (South)
  • At BW8 (North of)
  • At BW8 (South of)
  • At Aldine Bender
  • At South Hardy TP
  • At Aldine Mail Rt Ramp Plaza
  • At Gulf Bank (South)
  • At Hopper
  • At E Little York
  • At E Parker (North)
  • At Tidwell (North)
  • At Tidwell Ramp Plaza
  • At East Crosstimbers

Reach Out to a Houston Attorney for Help Today

Whatever the other driver’s reason for driving carelessly or recklessly may have been, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against them to be compensated for your damages. To find out more about your legal options, an experienced Houston attorney can help you decide what your next move should be. For help today, call the Houston personal injury lawyers with Fleming Law, P.C., 737-201-0543.