Accidents on I-10 West Katy Freeway

Houston IH-10 West Katy Freeway Accident Lawyers

I-10 West Katy Freeway sees everything from fender benders during stop and go rush hour traffic, to semi-truck rollovers and fatal collisions involving multi-car pileups. Connecting Houston with Brookshire, Columbus, Schulenburg, and more than a dozen other cities in between Houston and San Antonio, the I-10 West Katy Freeway is a major transit for tens to hundreds of thousands of commuters every day. If you were involved in any type of collision, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel; your property damage, medical bills, and lost wages may be the responsibility of another party and a Houston car accident attorney can help hold that party accountable.

Lanes Backed Up for Hours After Fatal Hazmat Diesel Collision

Drivers in Houston are used to backups due to normal congestion during rush hour. What was not normal about a recent backup and lane closure that lasted for hours during peak rush hour was when two 18-wheelers were involved in a collision that took the life of one of the drivers, according to Chron. Diesel fuel leaked all over the road, requiring extensive cleanup. Collisions between semi trucks are rare, but when they do happen, they often involve serious and sometimes fatal injuries. It is common for passenger vehicles to get taken out in the process, as well.

If I was hit on I-10 near Katy what should I do?

Hit and Run Collisions

Another fatal accident recently occurred when a man, who ran out of gas, maneuvered his minivan to the shoulder of the road and began pushing it. A driver from behind veered out of his lane and struck the man, killing him. The driver then chose to flee the scene of the crash instead of providing assistance, as reported by Covering Katy. If you were injured in a collision that involved a hit and runs, and the driver is found, proving his or her negligence in civil court can lead to monetary damages.

The Most Dangerous Intersections on I-10 West Katy Freeway

Some of the most dangerous sections of I-10 West Katy Freeway are the on and off ramps, bends in the road, and even straight portions where one would not expect the occurrence of frequent collisions. The most dangerous portions of the freeway are monitored by Houston TranStar traffic cameras, and include the following:

  • Weigh Station west of Brazos River;
  • U.S. 90 east of Sealy;
  • SH-36 in Sealy;
  • FM-2761;
  • Eagle Lake Road;
  • DMS in Columbus;
  • SH-71 in Columbus;
  • Hatterman Land west of Columbus;
  • County Road 210 in Borden;
  • U.S. 90 West of Weimar;
  • U.S.-77 in Schulenburg; and
  • Webb Road west of Flatonia.

A Houston Car Wreck Attorney can Help

A traffic “accident” is almost never an accident–an unpredictable outcome given a party’s actions and the surrounding circumstances. A driver who looks down at his or her phone to read a text, or a driver who speeds in and out of lanes to shave time off of a commute is knowingly gambling with the safety of others and needs to be held responsible when he or she causes injuries, property damage, and fatalities. For help receiving compensation, call the Houston attorneys of Fleming Law, P.C., today at 737-201-0543.