Accidents on I-610 East Loop

Houston I-610 East Loop Accident Lawyers

610 East Loop extends from Interstate 45 to the south to Interstate 69 to the north. In between, it crosses through Interstate 10, Harrisburg/Manchester, Highway 225, and dozens of other East Houston communities and large surface streets that spill traffic out via on and off-ramps. Commuters and heavy truck traffic add congestion, at varying speeds, to 610 East Loop, both of which are major causes of accidents. If you were injured in a traffic crash on 610 East Loop, or a loved one lost his or her life, you can and should be financially compensated by the negligent party. If you have been injured in a car wreck, call an experienced Houston car accident lawyer today for help with your injuries.

Truck Rollover Closes Most Lanes on 610 East Loop

A truck that was too tall to pass under an overpass on 610 East Loop collided with the bridge and rolled over, causing all lanes to be shut down on one side of the highway, with half of the lanes on the other side shut down, according to Click 2 Houston. 18-wheeler rollovers often involve casualties from other vehicles. Common causes of rollovers along 610 East Loop include excessive speed around curves, distracted drivers over-correcting after looking up from their phones and seeing that they are out of their lane of traffic, and icy conditions in which drivers fail to reduce their speed or alter their normal driving behaviors. Other common causes of collisions along 610 East Loop include the following:

  • Rear enders caused by tailgating or distracted drivers;
  • Side-impact collisions when a driver merges into another lane without checking their mirrors and looking over their shoulder;
  • Driving while intoxicated;
  • Drowsy driving or falling asleep at the wheel; and
  • Aggressive driving, which includes quickly weaving in and out of lanes to find the fastest route, with or without the use of turn signals.
Someone rear-ended me hard on 610 East do I need an attorney?

Were You in a Collision at Any of the Following 610 East Loop Danger Zones?

If you were hit by a negligent driver along 610 East Loop, there is a good chance that it occurred at one of the following sections of the road that is monitored by Houston TranStar traffic cameras. However, even if you were hit at another location along 610 East Loop, an experienced attorney can still prove the other driver’s negligence through cooperation with investigators, crash scene forensic experts, and eyewitnesses. The following are the most dangerous areas along 610 East Loop:

  • At Port of Houston
  • At Clinton
  • At Industrial
  • At Turning Basin
  • At Market Street
  • At McCarty

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