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Gross Negligence and Fatal Work Accidents

Under the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act, workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees for work-related injuries and family members of employees who suffered a fatal work injury. In addition, exemplary damages may be recovered by the surviving spouse or heirs of the deceased employee if the employee’s death was caused by an intentional act or [...]

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Non-Subscriber Workers’ Compensation Cases in Texas

In Texas, any employers who do not provide workers’ compensation insurance are known as non-subscribers. By electing not to carry workers’ compensation insurance, non-subscribers lose important legal protections, such as immunity from lawsuits brought by injured employees. If that injured employee proves in court that the employer was negligent, the employer could be subject to [...]

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How to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

If your employer has workers’ compensation coverage and you have been injured on the job, filing a claim is similar to filing an insurance claim. Below, we discuss the various steps you can take to file a claim. Does Your Employer Have Workers’ Compensation? First and foremost, find out if your employer has workers’ compensation [...]

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Employers Responsibilities to Employees

Employers have a vested interest in keeping workers healthy and free from injury. In order to do this, not only should employers have procedures and protocols for protecting workers from getting injured in the first place, but also workers’ compensation coverage to ensure that anyone who is injured is taken care of. In fact, some [...]

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Injured at Work Who Pays My Medical Bills

Ideally, any employee who is injured during the course of his or her employment experiences a full recovery that allows him or her to return to the job. However, the reality is that many workers each year cannot return to their previous jobs, and instead have to rely on workers’ compensation because they will simply [...]

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Workers Rights and a Safe Working Environment

Sadly, we see news stories every day that cover injured workers whose lives are forever changed by an accident at work. They bring to light the dangerous working conditions for dairy farmworkers, the many deaths that plague agricultural workers in general every year and the significant injuries and deaths that those who work on construction [...]

Investigating Construction Site Accidents

Many people remember the incident of the Mast Climbing Platform Collapse in Austin, Texas in June of 2009, when three construction employees of Capoera Construction were killed when a mast climbing platform collapsed at a condominium project under construction. When incidents like these occur, and they result in one or more worker fatalities (and sometimes [...]

Heat Stroke and the Hazards of Working in the Heat in Texas

According to new research from University of Missouri Extension Safety and Health Specialists, agriculture workers are 20 times more likely than other workers to die from heat, but these deaths are largely preventable by providing workers with water, rest, and shade. Other industries that may pose a risk to workers include waste management, road construction, [...]

5 Warning Signs to Help You Avoid Being Injured on the Job in Houston

Harrison Ford is in the news this week, not for his accomplishments as an actor, but rather for a broken leg and other injuries he got while filming 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ouch! During filming in the U.K., Ford’s leg was broken on the set of the infamous Millennium Falcon. The production company [...]

How to Select a Personal Injury Lawyer

Questions to ask when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury law is probably the only area of the law in which most clients find a lawyer without the recommendation of a friend or the referral of another lawyer.  Accident victims generally find a new injury attorney in three ways: 1. the internet, 2. TV [...]