5 Warning Signs to Help You Avoid Being Injured on the Job in Houston

Harrison Ford is in the news this week, not for his accomplishments as an actor, but rather for a broken leg and other injuries he got while filming 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ouch! During filming in the U.K., Ford’s leg was broken on the set of the infamous Millennium Falcon. The production company [...]

How to Select a Personal Injury Lawyer

Questions to ask when choosing a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury law is probably the only area of the law in which most clients find a lawyer without the recommendation of a friend or the referral of another lawyer.  Accident victims generally find a new injury attorney in three ways: 1. the internet, 2. TV [...]

Hard Facts About Workplace Injuries

Hard Facts About Workplace Injuries In 2013, the total cost of disabling workplace injuries in the U.S. was $61.88 billion. In 2014, the average (median) number of days missed due to an on-the-job injury was 9. Serious workplace injuries happen across all industries and occupations, including education, health care, recreation, arts and entertainment, professional business [...]

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Lawsuits Filed Immediately After an Accident

When the scaffolding collapsed at a construction site in Houston a couple of weeks ago, one of those injured in the workplace injury filed a lawsuit within days of the incident.  Some people were critical of the decision to sue right away and scoffed a the injured worker and his attorney.  However, there are often very [...]