Civil Litigation Lawyers in Houston

Houston Civil Litigation Lawyers

The Houston, Texas civil litigation lawyers at Fleming Law, P.C., have extensive experience handling complex lawsuit matters in the state and federal trial and appellate courts. As a civil lawyer for over 28 years Mr. Fleming has handled cases for both plaintiffs and the defense representing both businesses and individuals on a variety of cases from civil suits to car accident injuries.

“Fleming Law, P.C., helped me recover $37,000, from a $6,000 settlement offer. I entered into a Real Estate venture, without their guidance, to rehab & flip a house. The principal investor tried to push me out & keep my money. After contacting Michael, I went from a defensive position, to an offensive position in just a matter of days! Had I initially hired them to draw up my agreement I would have avoided a lot of a pain and suffering.”- Brad Locke

Types of Civil Litigation Cases We Handle

Michael P. Fleming has handled many trials in state and federal trial and appellate courts – including the Harris County District Courts and Harris County Civil Courts at Law. The Harris County courts are those located in Houston, Texas. Contact our attorneys now if you have any question regarding civil litigation in Houston or throughout Texas including cases involving:

  • Business Litigation. We have represented many small and medium-sized businesses in civil lawsuit disputes. Whether breach of contract matters or theft of trade secrets, our job is to fight aggressively for our clients while at the same time keeping costs reasonable.
  • Partnership Disputes. Partnerships often end up in court whether because a breach of the partnership agreement or, as we have seen in many cases, there is malfeasance by one of the partners.
  • Business Lawsuit Defense. When our business clients get sued, it is our priority to fight hard to defend their reputation and the assets of the company. If you have been served with a lawsuit, don’t wait too long to find a qualified civil defense attorney to file an Answer.
  • Breach of Contract. A broken contract not only causes the loss of the expected profits but it can also affect other clients and generally disrupt business.
  • Real Estate Litigation. Michael P. Fleming is a specialist in real estate law and has represented many clients in real estate disputes including, breach of contract, fraud in a real estate transaction, title disputes, Deed restriction enforcement, and wrongful foreclosure.
  • Federal Trial Lawyers. Civil lawyer Michael P. Fleming has extensive trial experience in our federal trial courts. He has handled numerous jury trials in the federal courts and has won cases in both the United States Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court.
  • Business Tort Litigation. Businesses can be the victim of interference in its business and contractual relationships. Swift action by a business litigation attorney is often necessary to stop irreparable damage.
  • Trade Secrets Litigation. Stolen trade secrets can ruin a business. When a competitor or former employee steals secrets such as customer lists or confidential data, the immediate remedy is to have your civil lawsuit lawyers seek a temporary restraining order and injunction to stop the theft.
  • Fraud. Everybody can be a victim of fraudulent conduct – from the individual on the street to the largest of corporations. Fraud can be a small, unintentional misrepresentation to an outright scam. Fraudsters need to meet with tough and swift justice.
  • Non-Competition Agreements – Covenants not to Compete. Non-Compete agreements are often subject to strict scrutiny by the courts and usually result in immediate court action being needed by lawsuit lawyers for enforcement.
  • Mediation. Mediation can be required by contract before filing a lawsuit or can be required by the court after litigation has begun.
  • Arbitration. In an arbitration matter, case preparation and aggressive representation are critical. With no appeal, the evidence preparation must be done competently as there is only one chance to win.
  • Special Appearance and Objection to Jurisdiction of Texas Courts. If you have been sued in Texas but have no connection with this state, you might be able to object to the jurisdiction of the Texas courts and get the case dismissed.
  • Breach of Contract Defenses. Just because you have been sued for breach of contract, that doesn’t mean you can’t defend the case. Many defenses to a civil suit for breach of contract are available under the law. Our Civil Defense Attorneys will discuss the options with you.
  • Will Contests and Challenges. If you have been cheated out of an inheritance or Will bequest, you might have the standing to challenge the Will in court and get your rightful share of the estate. Our probate lawyers can help you.
  • Unpaid Overtime. Are you owed unpaid overtime from a current or former employer? The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act forces companies to pay all back owed unpaid overtime plus penalties. There are protections in place to protect employees from retaliation for demanding overtime payments.

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