Comas Caused by Car Accidents

Car accidents cause serious injuries. These injuries can occur to a victims head, causing their brain to swell and even bleed. In order for a victim to recover from an injury of this nature a medically induced coma is possible. Being in a coma will allow the brain to heal from the severe swelling and internal bleeding. A Houston car accident lawyer can help their client receive compensation for medical bills due to an injury. Comas are a very serious medical condition. If a victim in a car accident is unconscious and has visible head wounds, they need immediate medical attention. A doctor will induce a coma on a patient to prevent the patient from feeling intense physical pain. Death can be a result of a coma because of two common reasons. One reason is if the patient cannot wake up from the coma and the second reason is if an infection spreads throughout the patients body. If a patient is in a coma for a long period of time, they can be in a vegetative state.

A Coma can be measured by using a scale. The Glasgow coma scale gauges how well the patient is responding to the coma. Dilated pupils can be a sign of whether someone is in comatose. A test doctors use is by putting a light in the patients eyes. If the patient’s eyes react to the light. A Houston car accident lawyer can help their clients if a coma is a result of a car accident. A coma is an extreme result of something as common as a car accident. It is important to remember a medically induced coma can be necessary to recover from swelling of the brain which can be a result of any head trauma injury. Bleeding hemorrhage in the brain is another reason for a doctor to medically induce a coma. Car accidents can cause head and brain trauma if they occur at high speeds and the angle of the cars where the collision occurred.

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