Negligent Supervision Causing Daycare Injuries in Houston

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No child should have to suffer because of the negligence of a caregiver.

You should not have to suffer through the anguish of having your trust breached. You can hold the negligent caregiver responsible through a lawsuit for negligence. Negligent supervision lawyer.

Negligent Actions

There are several actions of caregivers that may amount to negligent supervision. They are charged with the responsibility of looking after your child. The duty placed on them is thus very important. Some negligent actions include:

Failure to Properly Screen Staff

Every organization is just as responsible as its staff. If the caregiver fails to employ the right staff or if it fails to properly screen them and injury happens to your child as a result, you can hold them liable. They have a duty to ensure that they employ the best individuals possible on their team. If they inadvertently hire a dangerous predator or unstable individual who injures your child, they would be liable.

My child was injured at a daycare due to negligence. What can I do?

Reckless Endangerment

Caregivers should provide a safe, secure environment for your child. This is why you employ them, after all. They have a duty to ensure that they act carefully and responsibly at all times.

Everyday actions like cooking, cleaning, driving, and playing should be done with extra care when it concerns children. If your child suffers injury due to reckless actions on the part of the caregiver, you can maintain an action in negligence.

Physical Abuse or Punishment

No caregiver should inflict physical abuse or punishment on your children. The law looks sternly on such incidents. You can hold the caregiver responsible even if it was an employee that inflicted the abuse. They have a duty to ensure that your child is safe at all times.

Abandonment or Negligent Supervision

The point of putting a child in the care of caregivers is so they can supervise the child. They are meant to keep an eye on the child and make sure he or she does not injure him or herself. If your child has suffered an injury because no one was watching over him or her, you can also have a claim in negligence against the caregiver.

Failure to Attend to a Child’s Special Dietary Needs

Some children have special dietary needs. These may involve specific food items that the child must either have to eat or cannot eat due to allergies. If the caregiver has fed your child contrary to instructions, thus leading to injury, then the caregiver has breached that strict duty.

Actionable Incidents

Some of the more common incidents that are actionable as being negligent include the following:

  • Slip, trip, and fall incidents: These may be a result of wet floors or unsafe play conditions such as playing close to an open window while the rain comes in.
  • Toys and equipment: If your child has been allowed to play with toys that have been involved in safety recalls or that have moving or loose parts, the caregiver may be liable.
  • Injuries by other children: Children can cause injury to each other in a lot of inadvertent ways. This often occurs when the kids have been playing unsupervised.
  • Food injuries: Provision of food by daycare centers may involve a lot of hazards. If your child has been injured due to spoiled or contaminated food, you can hold the daycare liable.

Our Houston Lawyers Have Experience with Daycare Injuries

Learning that your child suffered a preventable injury while at daycare is traumatizing and infuriating for a parent. That is why you should hold the daycare center accountable for your child’s harm and losses. For legal help, contact the Houston Daycare Injury Lawyers at Fleming Law, P.C.