/How do I obtain a car crash report?

How do I obtain a car crash report?

Following an auto accident, many people do not know where to start to obtain a copy of the accident report. The first thing you should do is determine which law enforcement agency investigated the car accident.

Usually, the investigating officer will give you a slip of paper indicating their department name and the officer’s name. If the car accident investigator did not give you the information, you should figure out where the accident happened. Generally, a car accident will be investigated by one of three agencies – the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the County Sheriff or a city police officer.

If the accident happened;

  • In the city limits of an incorporated city, you can contact the police department of that city and ask about getting a copy of your car accident report.
  • Outside the city limits then the County Sheriff probably investigated the matter and a call to the accident division of that department will probably work.
  • If the sheriff did not investigate the crash, you should try the DPS office nearest the accident scene.

Some agencies allow you to order an accident report online while others might require a written request be sent in the mail. In all cases, the cost of an accident report is only a few dollars.

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