//Accidents Caused by Speeding Through Construction Zones
Accidents Caused by Speeding Through Construction Zones

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Accidents Caused by Speeding Through Construction Zones

Traveling through a construction zone requires caution and vigilance. Why? Because they are hazards featuring construction workers, large equipment, and loose materials. If you travel recklessly through a construction zone, you are putting yourself and other motorists at risk of suffering serious injuries.

Unfortunately, many motorists in Texas throw caution to the wind and travel recklessly through construction zones. In fact, Texas is ranked in the top-three for construction zone accident deaths, along with Florida and California.

Types of Construction Zone Auto Accidents

There are different ways in which motorists get involved in serious accidents around construction zones. Speeding through a construction zone is a common cause of these types of wrecks. Motorists fail to exercise patience and prudence in the hopes of getting through the zone as quickly as possible. This results in a motorist speeding and hitting another vehicle, or a construction worker, or both. Other types of accidents that occur in construction zones include:

  • Rear-Ending Another Motorist: If you are rushing through a construction zone, you may be tailgating another motorist. This puts you at risk of slamming into the back (i.e. rear ending the motorist and causing a serious wreck).
  • Texting and Driving Through the Construction Zone: If you are texting while driving, you are engaging in distracted driving. This puts you at risk of failing to recognize slowing or stopped traffic through the construction zone.
  • Sideswiping Another Motorist: A common feature of construction zones on roads and highways is narrowing or changing lanes. If you encounter a narrowing lane and fail to take appropriate steps to adjust, you could wind up sideswiping another motorist.
  • Colliding with Construction Equipment and/or Workers: As you are traveling through a construction zone, you are more likely to encounter large signs, lights, trucks, and construction workers. This means if you are traveling through the construction zone recklessly, you could wind up slamming into a large tractor-trailer, warning sign, or a worker. This can cause serious damage to you and other parties.

I was hit in a construction zone by another driver speeding.

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Injured in a Construction Accident? Take Legal Action

If you or a family member was seriously injured in a car accident in a construction zone caused by the careless actions, or inactions, of another motorist or a construction company, now is the time to hold them accountable and take legal action. You have the ability to file a personal injury claim to seek monetary damages to compensate you for your harms and losses.

Take Action and Contact a Houston Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

In order to file a personal injury claim, you need to take the first step and contact an attorney to discuss your legal options. If you fail to take action, you are essentially letting the negligent party get away with their poor decisions that precipitated the collision. This is why it is critical to be proactive and hold the negligent party accountable. Schedule a case review with the skilled and experienced Houston car accident injury attorneys with Michael P. Fleming and Associates 713-221-6800.