///Study Finds Texting While Driving a Problem Among Teen Drivers
Study Finds Texting While Driving a Problem Among Teen Drivers

Study Finds Texting While Driving Causes more accidents among Teen Drivers

Any parent in Houston will tell you that today’s teenagers are attached to their cellphones.

Whether it is during dinner, at church or other inappropriate moments, teens seemingly cannot put down their cellphones even for a second.

In the majority of instances when a teen uses his or her cellphone, the only offense is rudeness.

However, this habit can kill if a teen does the same while driving a car.

As teens are less experienced drivers than adults, they are already predisposed towards making mistakes and being in a car accident.

Teenage driver texting

In fact, car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens across the nation. When a teen distracted driver brings out a cellphone to send, read or compose a text message, it greatly increases the likelihood of a car accident. According to a study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting increases a driver’s risk of being involved in an accident by 23 times.

Houston is no exception

Unfortunately, a recent study showed that like their national counterparts, many teens in Houston are unable to get behind the wheel without using their phones to send or read a text message.

According to data from the Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center, 27 percent of Houston teens read a text or email every time that they drive a car. Shockingly, this puts them below the national average of 30 percent.

In addition to reading texts, the study found that:

  • 24 percent of Houston teens send a text
  • 22 percent participate in extended texting sessions

every time that they drive.

Distracted driving is a significant problem in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, distracted drivers were responsible for 90,378 motor vehicle accidents on Texas’ roads during 2012.

It is illegal for young drivers to use a cellphone or text while driving during the first 12 months of their license under Texas law.

Despite the fact that texting and talking on a cellphone is illegal for young drivers, many teens flout the law. Their inexperience behind the wheel coupled with the distracting behavior that they engage in makes them a significant danger to other motorists on the road.

Fortunately, those who are injured or killed by such negligent behavior are legally entitled to seek compensation for lost wages, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, medical bills and other financial losses stemming from the accident.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a careless or inattentive driver, in Houston or anywhere else in Texas contact an experienced lawyer. An attorney can advise you of your right to compensation and work to hold the responsible party accountable.

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