//I-45 Gulf Freeway
I-45 Gulf Freeway

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The I-45 Gulf Freeway was the first freeway built in Texas and connects downtown Houston to Galveston. As the population in the area has continued to grow over time, the freeway has become more congested and accidents have become more frequent. If you were involved in a collision, you must call an attorney at once.

Two Crashes Lead to a Fatality

According to KHOU, the Gulf Freeway near Dixie Farm Road was shut down one evening after two crashes. After the first crash occurred, the driver got out of his car to check on damages. At this point, a second accident happened in the same location and the car hit the person who had gotten out of his car. While it is important to check on the damage you or your vehicle have sustained after a crash, it is also imperative that you look out for your safety. If you have been in a crash, call the police so they can help control the scene and document your damages.

I was heading to Galveston when a car changed lanes and hit me. Do I need a lawyer?

Ask A Lawyer Now!
Ask A Lawyer Now!

Did You Crash in Any of the Following Gulf Freeway Bad Spots?

Every stretch of road has its dangerous sections. I45 Gulf Freeway is no different. In fact, there are dozens of places along the Gulf Freeway that are so dangerous and so crash-prone that Houston Transtar has set up dozens of traffic cameras at the following locations:

  • At West Dallas;
  • At San Jacinto;
  • At West Bastrop;
  • At Scott;
  • At Lockwood;
  • At Tellepsen (N);
  • At South Loop (N);
  • At South Loop (S);
  • At Broadway;
  • At Monroe;
  • At Monroe Park and Ride;
  • At College/Airport;
  • At Almeda Genoa;
  • At Fuqua;
  • At Beltway 8-South;
  • At South BW-8;
  • At Scarsdale;
  • At Astoria Blvd;
  • At FM 1959/Dixie Farm Road;
  • At FM 2351;
  • At FM 2351 (S);
  • At Eldorado;
  • At Bay Area Blvd;
  • At Nasa Road 1;
  • At Nasa Road 1 (S);
  • At FM 518;
  • At FM 646;
  • At Hughes Road;
  • At Holland Road;
  • At Holland Road (S);
  • At FM 1764 (N);
  • At FM 1764;
  • At FM 2004;
  • At FM 2004 (S);
  • At Delany;
  • At FM 1765 (N);
  • At FM 1765;
  • At FM 1765 (S);
  • At Vauthier;
  • At FM 519 (N);
  • At FM 519;
  • At FM 519 (S);
  • At TCT Railroad (S);
  • At TCT Railroad;
  • At FM 146 (N);
  • At FM 146;
  • At FM 146 (S);
  • At Sante Fe Railway (N);
  • At Sante Fe Railway;
  • At Tiki Island;
  • At Causeway (N);
  • At Causeway (E);
  • At Causeway (W);
  • At Lewis Lane (E);
  • At Lewis Lane (W);
  • At Harborside Drive (W);
  • At 71 Street (W);
  • At 71 Street (E);
  • At 61 Street (W);
  • At 61 Street (E);

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