//Left Hand Turn Car Accidents
Left Hand Turn Car Accidents

Left and Right Hand Turn Car Accidents

The reality of many car accidents is that they are preventable. Thousands of car accidents occur within the state of Texas, and usually, one driver is at fault for the accident while the other driver is a victim. Left hand turn car accidents at intersections can be serious. Reckless drivers who try to beat the light are a road hazard and Texas law has developed to allow victims to seek compensation in court against negligent motorists and their insurance carriers.

Negligence and Tort Recovery Under Texas Lawleft hand turn signal

Car accident lawsuits are generally governed by an area of law known as “tort” law. Tort law, which is also known as personal injury law, is split into several different categories. Reckless driving accidents are governed specifically by negligence tort law.

To prove that a reckless driver is liable to pay compensation to an accident victim under a negligence theory, the victim must prove that the reckless driver caused the accident. Drivers have a duty to keep the roadways safe and to not cause accidents. Any driver that acts recklessly and causes an accident must pay compensation to the victim under Texas law.

Causes of Left Hand Turn Car Accidents

One of the most common types of accidents caused by reckless drivers are left hand turn car accidents. It is not uncommon for motorists to either forget to look or not look closely enough before making a left or right-hand turn. This is particularly true when turning into either a driveway or at a protected turning light, which are both circumstances in which reckless drivers may be paying less attention to other cars or pedestrians with whom drivers must share the roads. Drivers who fail to yield the right of way to drivers who are making a left hand turn can also cause serious accidents.

Another driver tried to make a left turn and ran into me head on.

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Filing a Claim for Compensation Against a Reckless Driver

Before filing a claim, the injured victim should consider retaining an experienced car accident injury attorney. Not only can an attorney assist in filing, but statistics have shown that attorneys are twice as likely to receive compensation for their clients when compared with rates of recovery for unrepresented clients. Additionally, represented parties are more likely to receive higher recovery than unrepresented parties.

The first step to filing a claim is to request compensation from the reckless driver’s auto insurance carrier. If the reckless driver does not have insurance, then the victim’s insurance carrier’s uninsured motorist coverage should provide some coverage for the claim for compensation. If it was clear that the reckless driver caused the accident, the insurance company may agree to pay the claim. This tends to be rare, however, and insurance companies will often contest claims for damages.

If an agreement with an insurance company cannot be reached, a lawsuit should then be filed in the appropriate court. After filing the lawsuit, the claim could be settled out of court or it could proceed to trial in front of either a judge or a jury. If a claim proceeds to trial, the victim of the accident can seek to recover compensation for his or her medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

Houston Auto Accident Injury Attorney Here to Assist You and Your Family

Suffering a serious injury in a car accident is a traumatic experience that may leave you damaged financially, physically, and emotionally. If you find yourself in this situation, you have the right to pursue financial restitution for your losses from the reckless driver who hit you. Contact the law firm of Michael P. Fleming & Associates to schedule a free case review today 713-221-6800.