//Multi-vehicle Crashes
Multi-vehicle Crashes

Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Houston

Automobile crashes often involve many cars.

Following a multi-vehicle accident, injured victims often wonder about which drivers are responsible for their injuries.

In some cases, there is just one party at fault. However, there can be situations where multiple drivers can be liable for the accident and resulting injuries.

It takes an experienced car accident lawyer to sort out issues of liability.

One Driver at Fault for the Crash

One Texas driver can cause several car crashes by their negligence.

For instance, say somebody is driving down I-10 in Multiple Vehicle Car AccidentHouston while texting and cuts off another car which in turn spins and hits other vehicles or is hit by other cars.

If the second and subsequent collisions were caused by the first impact, and those collisions were unavoidable, then the only liable party would be the driver of the first car.  All the injured parties would have to look to that driver for compensation (unless they had under-insured coverage).

Multiple Drivers at Fault

There can be situations where there are multiple victims and multiple drivers at fault for an accident.

This is usually seen in car pile-ups on the freeway.  It usually happens in the following fashion.

Driver #1 is driving down, say Interstate 45 in Houston and traffic comes to a stop.

Driver #1 stops the car and is then rear-ended by Driver #2…who is rear-ended by Driver #3 who is immediately hit by Diver #4.

In this situation, Driver #1 might have claims against Drivers #2, #3 and #4 – if each impact causes injuries to Driver #1.

Driver #2 might have claims against #3 and #4 and #3 might have a claim against Driver #4.

Drivers Who Rear-End Other Cars Usually at Fault

As a general rule in Texas, in a rear-end auto accident, the driver of the car that impacted the rear of the other car is at fault. This is because drivers have responsibility to make sure they are travelling a safe distance behind the car in front of them and have ample time to stop without a crash.

Really, the only exception to this is if the accident is unavoidable.  An unavoidable rear-end accident usually occurs when one car is cut off by anther vehicle which then stops suddenly.

In this case, the driver in the rear had no opportunity to make sure that they were a safe distance away and had no reasonable way to stop the car before the accident. When this situation arises, the car that cut off and was rear-ended is actually at fault in the accident and may be held liable for all injuries and damages that result from their negligent conduct.

If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident in Houston or anywhere in Texas, call Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer Michael P. Fleming for a free consultation.

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