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Negligent Entrustment

Houston Attorneys for Negligent Entrustment Car Wrecks

In Texas, the law of negligent entrustment allows one person to be held liable for the negligent actions of another if they have negligently given that person the means that caused the injury such as in a car accident.

For example, if somebody in Houston loans their car to a person who they know to be:

  • an intoxicated driver
  • under-age driver or
  • simply someone without a license

they can be held liable if the driver acts negligently causing a car accident and injuring or killing somebody.

Our lawyers handle these types of cases.

If you or a loved one has been injured by somebody who was given a car, motorcycle, boat or other equipment by another, contact the car accident lawyers at Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. today to discuss your options.

When we help somebody who has been the victim of a drunk or negligent driver, we investigate to determine if the perpetrator was given the car by somebody else.

If that third party knew that the driver was impaired, has a history of accidents or traffic violations, drunk or just a bad driver, he or she should not have handed over the keys.

They may also be liable for the damages and injuries caused by the wreck.

What is Negligent Entrustment and How Prove It?

A negligent entrustment injury case can arise in many circumstances under Texas law including somebody who:

  • Knowingly allows a bad driver to use their car resulting in a car accident. For instance, if somebody loans their car to a driver who has multiple tickets or accidents on their record, they might be responsible for their accident.
  • Allows a drunk driver to use their car.  It is irresponsible for some one to allow an intoxicated person to drive their car.  Such a person deserves to be held liable for any accident caused by the drunk
  • Puts an untrained or poorly trained or inexperienced person behind the wheel of a truck causing an accident.  It goes without saying that you shouldn’t allow an untrained person use specialized equipment such as an 18 wheeler big rig.
  • Gives somebody machinery when they have not properly trained them in using it such as a forklift or bulldozer
  • Loans their motorcycle to a bad driver who causes a wreck
  • Negligently permits another to operate equipment causing an industrial accident
  • Lets a drunk or untrained person operate a boat.  Just like with the circumstance involving a car, you should not let a drunk operate your boat.  it is just as dangerous and will subject you to liability for an injuries or damages caused by an accident.

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