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According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were over 4,000 auto crashes in 2016 alone within Pasadena, Texas. All it takes is a moment of inattention for a texting driver to put you or your loved ones in the hospital. Sadly, auto collisions are a normal part of life in Pasadena and the surrounding Houston region, and there is little being done to stop these tragic events from happening. While an attorney cannot help to make your physical injuries disappear or erase the emotional pain caused by the collision, an attorney can make your post-crash life significantly better by taking away a mountain of financial and legal stress. A car accident lawyer in Pasadena, Texas will hold the negligent driver responsible for the immense damage that he or she has caused.

Car Crashes in Pasadena, Texas

According to KHOU News, a 7-year-old passenger was killed when the driver of the SUV the child was riding in lost control and rolled over while heading southcar in city at night on the East Sam Houston Pkwy feeder road near Fairmont Parkway. Losing control of an SUV or other passenger vehicle is difficult to do when all traffic laws are being followed. Excessive speed, texting or another distraction, drowsiness, and intoxication are common causes of single-vehicle roll overs.

Passengers, not just occupants of other vehicles, have the right to seek financial compensation from drivers who cause them injury. Another occupant, in a separate crash near intersection of Burke and Crenshaw, was taken by helicopter life flight when they collided with an SUV and flipped over, as reported by KHOU News.

Another serious crash in recent news involved a Mustang, a 6-year old who was sitting in the front seat, and a driver of the Mustang who was potentially suffering from a medical or intoxication issue. The accident happened on Spencer Highway near Strawberry Road. The driver of the Mustang hit a car in the same lane, veered out of its lane of traffic, and hit an oncoming car in the other lane. The 6-year-old lost his arm, according to Click2Houston.

My car was totaled when someone hit me in Pasadena, Texas what should I do?

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Contact a Lawyer Now!

Some of the Most Dangerous Intersections in Pasadena, Texas

Many of Pasadena’s more serious collisions happen in or near busy intersections, some of which include the following locations:

  • Strawberry Road and Spencer Highway;
  • Burke Rd and Crenshaw Rd;
  • Fairmont Parkway and East Sam Houston Tollway;
  • Pansy St. and Vista Rd.; and
  • Spencer Highway and East Sam Houston Tollway.

Reach Out for Legal Assistance Before it is Too Late

Were you recently injured in an auto accident in Pasadena, Texas? If so, we encourage you to reach out to an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you are able to. In Texas, you have two years, under statute 16.003, to bring a lawsuit against another party for a personal injury or wrongful death. While this may seem like a long time, preparing a claim or lawsuit is time intensive, and the sooner your attorney is able to start, the better the results will be and the sooner you can put this ordeal behind you. Please feel free to contact the attorneys of Michael P. Fleming and Associates today.