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Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in Texas

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Explain What to do After a Crash.

Make sure that you protect your rights to file a personal injury case. Never allow an insurance company to pressure you into accepting a settlement. Contact a qualified personal injury lawyer for help and guidance before you find that your rights to remuneration are being usurped by an insurer.

Motorcycle Accident Checklist

  • Always get the names and addresses of any witnesses
  • Always see a doctor to document the accident, and address your medical needs even if you are feeling fine
  • Always answer all questions from law enforcement officials
  • Whenever possible, take photographs of the accident scene
  • Never open communication with an insurance company without first contacting a board-certified motorcycle accident attorney
  • Keep records of all work hours missed
  • Keep records of all medical expenses

Get help after a motorcycle accident

Being involved in any type of a car or motorcycle accident is very frightening. When you are riding a motorcycle, your injuries may not be immediately evident. This is one of the reasons it is so important to see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Even if you are not able to reach your personal care physician, take the time to go to the emergency room. Photographs of bruises, scrapes, lacerations, and other injuries should be photographed if possible.

When the legal matter you are facing is important, ask for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury litigation lawyer who has the time to discuss your situation with you, explain your options and represent you. Contact the litigation attorneys at the law firm of Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C.

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