//Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents
Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle stopped at a red light risks being rear-endedRear-End Motorcycle Accidents

Rear-end motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence in Texas and across the country. For example, more than 4,900 motorcyclists lost their lives in accidents in 2016, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This means that motorcycle fatalities account for approximately 13% of all motor vehicle accident deaths in 2016. That is more than double the number of motorcyclist fatalities that were reported in 1997.

Why Motorcycle Accidents can be Deadly

Motorcyclists stand a higher chance of getting involved in serious accidents due to the smaller size of the motorcycle relative to other vehicles on the road. This increases the chances of not being seen by another motorist and being exposed to a more serious impact.

Rear-end motorcycle accidents occur when riders are hit from the behind by another motorist. Based on the high risk involved coupled with the lack of knowledge of what should be done immediately following a rear-end motorcycle accident, victims of these accidents can react in such a way as to compromise their ability to receive financial compensation. It is important for all motorcyclists to know what actions should be taken in the event of a rear-end motorcycle accident.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident that was not my fault, do I have case?

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What to do After an Accident

Immediately following a rear-end motorcycle accident, get yourself out of harm’s way by getting yourself off the road. This will involve distancing yourself from something that is likely to cause further harm, such as the vehicles that are leaking gasoline, vehicles that are on fire, steep drop-offs, as well as any damaged structures that could be collapsing. Other important things to consider are:

  • Checking Yourself and Others: Call 9-1-1 immediately in the event that anyone has been injured in the accident. Go for a medical check-up after an accident even if you do not think you were injured. Some injuries do not show up right away. Immediate medical attention is crucial in identifying any internal damage, and the medical records will help you in any ensuing personal injury lawsuit.
  • Reporting of the Rear-end Motorcycle Accident: Report the accident immediately to law enforcement. They can help by controlling traffic, recording the facts of the accident, and writing a report. The police report will be important should there be a need for legal action.
  • Take Photos of the Accident Scene: It is advisable to take photos of the accident scene, the damaged vehicles, and any individuals involved in the accident. Take photos of the surrounding area, such as nearby buildings and street signs.
  • Get Information From Witnesses: Obtain a written description of anything these witnesses saw that might be helpful in arguing your case. They may have seen the driver who hit you at the time of impact and describe the circumstances, such as the driver texting or otherwise distracted by a mobile phone. Also take down their names and contact information.

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