Boat Propeller Accidents

boat propeller mounted underneath and exposedBoat Propeller Accidents

Accidents caused by a boat propeller can happen in a split-second resulting in a life-long injury or death. Notably, accidents involving a boat propeller are common within Texas, particularly in areas near bodies of water such as rivers and lakes. In most instances, the victims of the boat propeller accidents, at the time of the accident, are likely to be sitting or standing close to the boat stern located above the gunwale.
Alternatively, the victims could be relaxing or on the verge of jumping onto a jet ski. These passengers fall overboard or into the water from the backend of the boat when the boat operator plunges the vessels forward. As a result, the victims can suffer from severe injuries, especially if the boat operator is inexperienced in handling the vessel, distracted, or intoxicated.

Causes of Boat Propeller Accidents

Accidents that involves boat propellers most often result from the contributory negligence of the boat operator. Some of the causes of the boat propeller accidents worth mentioning include:

  • Inexperienced at handling the vessel. Severe boat propeller accidents occur when the boat operator forgets to put on the cut-off switch lanyard responsible for shutting the engine off automatically. This can be worsened when the operator is inexperienced in shutting the engine off quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • Reckless steering. Reckless steering has the effect of causing the passengers to fall into the water onto the spinning blades of the propeller.
  • Falling. This occurs when a passenger falls onto someone or is pushed onto the spinning blades of the propeller or over the stern.
  • Improper boating. Inexperienced boat operators can cause boat propeller accidents when they do not maintain a safe distance from the navigation channels in the river as well as the flags in the inlets.
  • The revving of the vessel throttle. When people are in the water, they are likely to suffer from injuries when the throttle of the vessel is revved.
  • Tripping. When passengers trip over the tiller, they stand higher chances of the falling overboard or into the spinning blades of the propeller.
  • Unsafe Boating practices. These include reversal of the engine when there is a water skier or swimmer behind the vessel as well as putting the engine in gear mode without prior confirmation if the passenger is at the back of the boat.

If I was injured by a propeller in a boat accident, how do I know who is at fault?

Ask a Lawyer now!
Ask a Lawyer now!

Understanding Your Legal Right to Pursue Financial Restitution

If a victim has suffered severe harm resulting from the negligence of the boat operator, then he or she likely has the legal right to pursue financial restitution, which includes a recovery for their the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In addition, the injured party might be able to pursue punitive damages (though, that depends on the specific facts presented in the case).

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