//Is The Oil Rig Liable For My Injuries
Is The Oil Rig Liable For My Injuries

Is the Oil Rig Liable For My Injuries?

Offshore oil rig workers understand the dangers of the job and still agree to continue in their line of work, but that does not mean that they are unable to pursue damages from their employer when they get injured on the job. Employers can almost always be held liable for the injuries or illnesses of an employee whose condition manifested from the job. There are only a few instances in which an employee would not be able to hold the oil rig liable for damages. If you were injured on the job as an upstream oil worker, you can be assured that your employer’s insurance company will ask, and pursue the evidence surrounding, the following questions in hope that they can be absolved of liability. Contact our Houston offshore injury law firm today for a free consultation.

Were Drugs or Alcohol Involved?

Drug and alcohol abuse are big problems in the oil and gas sector. The Houston Chronicle found a direct correlation between the number of oil rigs in West Texas and arrests for traffic stops seizing crystal meth (methamphetamine). According to Offshore Technology, substance abuse is just as large of a problem for onshore oil rigs as it is for offshore oil rigs. With an influx in cash, oil workers may turn to drugs and alcohol out of boredom or to help their performance at work, where high productivity and long shifts rule. Insurance carriers know of this substance abuse issue among oil rig workers, and may try to blame the employee’s drug or alcohol use as the cause of the accident. If they can prove this, your employer will be absolved of liability.

Did the Accident Occur on the Oil Rig?

Insurance adjusters are always wary of how the injury or illness occurred and where it occurred. If the injury was found not to have occurred while on the clock, your employer will not be held liable.

Is the oil rig company liable for my injuries?

Ask a Lawyer Now!
Ask a Lawyer Now!

How To Prove Overuse Injuries

Another way your employer could clear themselves of liability is if they are able to successfully argue that your overuse injury was caused by factors outside of the workplace. Overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow, chronic low back pain, and arthritis in the hands or fingers can be complicated when it comes to proving the cause. An employer may claim that your overuse injury was caused outside of work, or that the pain you are feeling in your back (which can be hard to show medically) is exaggerated or made up.

A Houston Oil Rig Injury Attorney can Help You Today

As an employee of an offshore oil rig, you have rights to workers’ compensation and possibly financial compensation from a personal injury lawsuit under the Jones Act. However, your employer’s insurance company, which will always look for a way out of liability, stands in your way of receiving this compensation. Only an experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney can ensure that your claim is successful. Call the oil rig injury attorneys of Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. today at 713-221-6800.