//Recovering Medical Expenses for Injuries
Recovering Medical Expenses for Injuries

Lawyers for Recovering Medical Expenses For Your Injuries in Houston

Medical expenses are almost always claimed as an element of damages in a personal injury damages lawsuit. Proving your economic damages – your costs for medical expenses incurred to treat your injuries as a result of your accident – is not always as easy as it one thinks.

In Texas, it is necessary to prove that the medical treatment you received and the expense associated with it was causally connected to the offending party’s conduct. That is, it is essential to show that the very reason you sought and received medical care was because of the injuries you sustained after a car accident or other incident causing personal injury. You should make sure you hire a car accident lawyer that understands the law.

How Do I Show the Medical Expenses Were Caused by the Accident?

The onset of symptoms at the time of the accident or crash are one way of demonstrating the connection between the injury sustained and the negligent conduct that caused the accident or wreck.

The severity of the injury and on-going nature of treatment generally require a professional explanation or opinion from a medical expert to help a jury understand and fully appreciate the connection between the at-fault party’s negligence and your’s or your loved one’s economic damages.

Texas also requires proof that the costs charged by your doctor and health care providers were reasonable and necessary.

You can be reimbursed for your medical costs!

Ask a Lawyer Now!
Ask a Lawyer Now!

What Medical Expenses Will the Court Award?

Generally, courts will require the following to recover past medical expenses:

  1. The expenses were necessary to treat the injury and were reasonable in amount; and
  2. The expenses were paid or incurred by or on behalf of the plaintiff.

Proving the need for and amount of future medical expenses to treat on-going and lifetime catastrophic injuries can be even trickier. Texas requires evidence to show that you or your child or loved one will in all reasonable probability incur such an expense in the future.

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