Attorneys for Defective or Unlit Stairwell Accidents in Houston

Houston Defective Stairways Injury Lawyers

Our Defective Stairwell injury lawyers in Houston assist people that have been injured in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents caused by defective stairs, railings or due to inadequate or improper lighting. Personal injuries caused by defective stairwells can be very serious and are often deadly. Falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Close to half of these accidental deaths have occurred on stairs.

If there has been an accident on a stairway due to a defective stairway contact a trial lawyer at Fleming Law, P.C. to help receive compensation. When going up and down stairs always use the handrail, it is required for stairways to have handrails.

If you are carrying items in your arms make sure you can see your feet. Inattention to where the next step is and where the steps begin and end is key. This should be kept in mind in outdoor stairways as well. Outdoor stairways should always be free of any snow, ice, water, or debris. It is important to be aware of what is on the stairway so a fall or slip is less likely to occur.

I fell down defective stairs at an apartment. Can I sue?

Laws Require Safe Stairwells

Most cities, including the City of Houston, have building standards requiring that stairwells have proper handrails and be properly lit. These laws are meant to protect people that expect safety when going down the stairs in commercial properties.  Some dangerous conditions of stairways which routinely cause personal injury include:

  • Bad lighting. City ordinances require that stairways be properly lighted. Unfortunately, many business are slow to fix lighting problems and this causes stairway injuries. Obviously, poor lighting in a stairwell can lead to accidents and injuries.
  • Broken or non-existent railings. Stair railings are taken for granted sometimes. However, people actually rely upon them without thinking about it. When they are not maintained properly, people can fall down the stairs and get severely injured.
  • Uneven Steps. It goes without saying that uneven or broken steps can cause a fall and severe injury.

Trial lawyers at Fleming Law, P.C. will seek compensation when you have been injured on the property of another due to negligent maintenance of stairs or railings. Inadequate lighting is a common cause of an accidental fall. If it is hard to see if there is a broken step or where the steps begin and end an accidental fall may occur. A slip and fall is common in outdoor stairways, especially if the victim is wearing certain footwear, such as high heels and sandals. Depth perception can be affected by the lighting in a stairway, leading to falls. These falls can be especially dangerous at the top of a stairway. The Bureau of State Risk Management in Wisconsin states that slips, falls, and trips has been one of the most common work compensation claims in recent years. Awareness and caution are key in order to avoid any accidents on stairways. Injuries and fatalities can be avoided if the proper measurements are taken by the building owners and management as well as the patrons and employees using the stairways. Before going up or down the stairs be sure to check the handrail to see if it is sturdy enough to hold enough wait while using the stairs.

Call Fleming Law, P.C., now if you have been injured on a defective staircase.