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Was a loved one injured in a swimming pool due to the negligence of the owner of the property? Every year, thousands of children are injured or killed when they gain access to swimming pools that should have been secured or supervised.

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 3,500 people drown every year in non-boating related accidents. Young male children are the most at risk for drowning in swimming pools.  Furthermore, there are a number of other injuries in pools every year such as electrocution and falls.

The best way to prevent children from drowning in swimming pools is by having sufficient barriers around the pool to prevent small children from

Swimming Pool Fence

A Swimming Pool Fence Can Keep Children Safe

gaining access to the attractive nuisance of a pool.  Children ages 4 and under have the highest drowning rate in the United States so simple gates, covers and alarms could reduce these fatalities.  Even with older children, proper swimming skills and supervision is the best way to prevent swimming pool injuries.

There are many laws that regulate the owners of swimming pools to make sure that children are not hurt. Some laws require that swimming pool areas have locked gates that can keep kids out. Other regulations require proper supervision and/or lifeguards or require adequate warning regarding the absence of a lifeguard. Swimming pools can be an attractive nuisance drawing kids to use them without recognizing the dangers involved.  For all these reasons, property owners have not excuse to have an unsecured pool that can cause children to fall or jump in without any supervision.  Commercial enterprises which have swimming pools available are bound to provide proper supervision and trained lifeguards on duty to watch, protect and save any child that experiences trouble in the pool.  Their failure to do this can subject them to liability if something tragic happens.

My child was injured in an unsecured swimming pool. Can we do anything?

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If your loved one was hurt in a swimming pool, you need to determine whether the injury could have been prevented or lessened.  It usually could have been avoided.  To answer these questions, you should feel free to contact pool injury lawsuit lawyer Michael P. Fleming today for a free no-obligation consultation.