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Big Texas waterparks such as Schlitterbahn and Splashway are common family destinations for kids and adults alike to have fun in the sun. Both Houston and Dallas have several water parks nearby, and they are extremely popular family destinations during the summer. In most cases, Texas’s water parks are safe. Large water parks in Texas see millions of visitors every year without incident, but accidents do still happen. When someone is injured at a water park, however, the facility bears liability for that injury.

Common Waterpark Injuries

Water parks are potentially dangerous places. Almost any type of accident you can think of can occur there, from pedestrian accidents in the parking lot to contaminated water. However, two types of accidents occur frequently in water parks that warrant special attention – attraction drowning and slip and fall accidents.

Most water park attractions are meticulously designed and thoroughly tested to insure that no chance of injury is ever possible, but not all attractions meet the gold standard for safety. Just recently, the manufacturer of “the world’s tallest waterslide” located at a water park in Kansas was charged with murder for poorly designing the structure, causing the death of a young boy by decapitation. More commonly, attractions such as slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers are the causes of drowning. Drowning deaths can very easily occur at water parks where attractions malfunction or are improperly maintained.

Slip and fall accidents are also extremely common at water parks. Most people who have visited a large water park are well aware that the sidewalks and pathways are often wet and occasionally slippery. To reduce falls, all water parks use slip-resistant concrete or other types of absorbent surfaces, but slip and fall accidents will still occur. As a matter of premises liability law, water park owners are responsible for any slip and fall injuries that occur at water parks.

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What to do in the Event of a Waterpark Accident

If you or your family is visiting a Texas water park and an accident occurs, you should immediately contact a park staff member for assistance. Due to the dangerous nature of fall risks and drowning hazards, all water parks should have medical staff on stand-by to respond to injuries at the park. Most small slip and fall injuries can be resolved quickly by theme park medical staff and will not require the filing of a lawsuit.

However, in the case of a more serious injury such as a broken bone from a fall or a drowning incident, filing a lawsuit may become necessary to get proper justice for the injury that occurred. If you have been injured at a water park, you can recover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages from time spent in recovery, and damages for your pain and suffering by going to court. If you lost a loved one or a small child in a drowning incident, you may also be able to recover compensation by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

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