Driver Inattention

Driver Inattention – Truck collision

Driver inattention can be a major cause of truck accidents causing massive personal injuries.  Trucking companies need to make sure their drivers know about the dangers associated with driver inattention. Whether the result of texting while driving, reading, talking on the telephone, using a radio, or something else that results in the driver taking his full attention off the road, the consequences can be devastating. Some of the worst vehicular injuries occur when a large truck is involved. An inattentive truck driver is horribly negligent and shows a careless disregard for the others on the road.

There is another type of inattention that has nothing to do with electronic devices or similar distractions.  It is known as “inattention blindness.”  Inattention blindness occurs when something is in plain sight yet it is not perceived.  Fatigue can play a large part in contributing to inattention blindness but it can also be caused while using a cell phone and looking directly at the road.  While the eyes see the car, the mind is concentrating on the conversation and not the road therefore the driver does not perceive the oncoming car and is thus “blind” to it.  Proper truck driver training would include educating drivers about not only the physical distractions but also the dangers of inattention blindness. A truck accident attorney in Houston.