Railroad Crossing Accidents

Houston Railroad Crossing Accident Lawyers

Injuries and deaths resulting from accidents at railroad crossings is a major problem in Texas and throughout the country.  According to the Federal Railroad Administration, nearly 2,100 vehicle-train collisions occurred at railroad crossings last year in the United States. Of those collisions, 3 out of 4 occurred within 25 miles of the vehicle driver’s home. Car accidents involving vehicle-train collisions are 20 times more likely to have fatalities than collisions involving two vehicles. In 2010, Texas was ranked the 5th most dangerous state for railroad crossing fatalities.  In 2014, Texas was ranked 2nd in the nation in number of railroad crossing fatalities.

Although the number of vehicle-train collisions and resulting deaths appears to have continually decreased since the 1980s, accidents at railroad crossings still occur and results are often catastrophic if not fatal. The force and effect of
Railroad Crossing
a 30-car freight train hitting a vehicle has been likened to that of your vehicle driving over and crushing an aluminum can. Studies have shown that nearly 60% of all fatalities resulting from vehicle-train collisions occur at unprotected railroad crossings. Even at protected crossings the safety warnings could malfunction leading to a devastating collision. In addition, railroad crossings often become overgrown with weeds, trees, and bushes, impairing a driver’s ability to see oncoming trains. It is therefore imperative that motorists practice the utmost caution when approaching any railroad crossing despite ones familiarity with the area.
In addition, with our growing population and increased need for mass transit, commuter trains and “light rail” systems are becoming more and more common.

With the influx of these modes of transportation, especially in densely populated city centers, comes the increased risk of vehicle-train collisions along with train-pedestrian accidents. These accidents can result in severe head injuries, dismemberment or amputation, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, or death.

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