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Allstate Insurance - Car Accident Attorney in Houston

Allstate Insurance has been in business since 1931 and has the motto, “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.” In fact, their logo includes two cupped hands extended outwards. With more than $38 billion in revenue, they are considered one of the largest automobile insurance companies, consistently ranking among the top five in the United States.

Although they appeal to consumers with their promise of being cared for, many customers do not feel that way. Unfortunately, as with many large insurance companies, they may try to settle cases for less than what they are worth or may deny claims altogether. They often have large legal departments dedicated to handling claim settlements.

A list of the 10 Worst Insurance Companies published by the American Association for Justice (AAJ) found Allstate is the worst. AAJ researchers used a variety of documents, records, and complaints from all over the United States to compile the report. According to some of the findings, the company tends to try to boost their bottom line by taking an aggressive approach to claims and they do not pay out claims as frequently as they should, according to some. Our Houston car crash lawyer can help you with you claim today!

Will I get a fair settlement from Allstate for my car accident?

Allstate Claim Software

Most large insurance companies utilize software programs to assist them in determining claim settlements. Allstate uses a software program called “Colossus” to handle claims. The company says that the software is intended to streamline the claims process and make processing faster and more efficient. However, some people disagree. While it may make the claims process faster for them, it also is designed to provide less money to customers.

Colossus utilizes data input about various types of claims to determine a typical amount that an accident of a certain type should be worth. Although Allstate claims that they use other factors along with the recommendation from Colossus, it may not always be the case. Some new adjusters and others may rely more heavily on Colossus to guide them in determining the value of a claim.

How to File a Claim with Allstate

You can file a claim with Allstate online or by calling 1-800-ALLSTATE. They will assign the claim to an adjuster for your case. The adjuster will contact you to request information. Only injuries that are documented and properly coded will be entered into the system. Once all of the necessary data is entered, the computer will generate a settlement range. Some Allstate customers have reported having difficulties in cases where there was a low-impact crash.

Allstate has been known to fight some of these types of claims, particularly because low-impact crashes most often affect soft tissues. These injuries can be more difficult to prove. Allstate has been known to settle some of the cases against them once a lawsuit was filed. The company is more likely to settle for a fair amount once they realize that the case will go to court. An experienced car accident attorney will protect your rights and negotiate with the insurance company. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, the matter may need to go to trial.

If you were seriously injured and need to file a claim with Allstate, it is a good idea to have a qualified legal team on your side. Contact the experienced injury attorneys at Fleming Law to schedule a free consultation today at 737-201-0543.