Falling Debris

Attorneys for Workers Hurt by Falling Debris

Many workplaces present the risk of being struck by falling objects or debris. Any workplace with multiple levels can be the scene of an accident where a worker is seriously injured by a falling object or debris. Common types of workplaces where this injury can occur include:

These types of accidents can actually cause very severe, even fatal, injuries depending on what type of object or debris has fallen onto the victim. Injured workers in Texas who are employed by businesses that have opted out of carrying workers’ compensation insurance must pursue compensation for their injuries through the courts. Even though the accident happened on the job, if the employer has no workers’ compensation insurance, the injury will be treated like any other type of personal injury case and compensation must be pursued through the courts. If a third party, such as an outside contractor is responsible for your injuries, then it will likely be necessary to secure compensation for your injuries and damages through the courts.

Securing the compensation you deserve for an on-the-job injury in Texas calls for securing the representation of an attorney who understands personal injury law and how to obtain the compensation his or her clients need.

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