//Pasadena Chemical Plant Injury
Pasadena Chemical Plant Injury

Injuries at Chemical Plants in Pasadena, Texas

Chemical plant equipment at twilightChemical plants take refined petroleum and produce a number of products everyday consumers will be familiar with including merchandise bags, milk jugs, detergent bottles and food and beverage containers. All of these products are plastic, made from high density polyethylene a product of the refining process. Chevron Phillips is one of a number in the Pasadena, Texas area operating the 650 acre Pasadena Plastics Complex which produces products used for packaging consumer goods and plastic pipes used in the construction industry.

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Chemical Plant Safety

The layout of a chemical plant and the separation of dangerous chemicals is an important safety consideration. Since they can be corrosive, chemicals used in the manufacturing process can damage piping, valves and even storage facilities so proper engineering, design, maintenance and operator training is critical to a safe working environment.

Slip, trips and falls

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were 229,240 cases of falls, slips and trips causing injury to workers in 2016. Although the number of injuries has dropped in the last two years they are still one of the most common types of injury in the workplace.

Chemical plants are often spread across hundreds of acres of land and the process equipment is exposed meaning it is not enclosed in large buildings. In addition equipment can be hundreds of feet in height. This results in miles of walkways, ladders and stairs that plant personnel have to climb or walk on order to perform inspections and complete repair work. The risks of injury are:

Arm, wrist and shoulder injuries: Spill containment is an important safety procedure at chemical plants and any spill be it lubricants, process water or any other kind of liquid is a safety hazard. When spills happen they can easily cause injuries. All walkways must be free and clear of spills from containers or leaks from process equipment such as valves, piping, pumps and vessels.

Back and head injuries: All walkways must be properly maintained and clear of materials, tools and spare parts. Guardrails must be installed and maintained at the facility so workers do not trip and fall from an elevated walkways which can cause serious injury.

Preventing serious injury or fatal falls: Fall protection systems are required throughout a chemical plant. Even with all the walkways, ladders and stairs there are areas that cannot be reached for inspection and maintenance. Thousands of feet of piping connect major components such as separators, distillation towers and tanks. With few structures above all this equipment is it hard to provide fall protection when operators need to perform inspections or maintenance personnel need to repair, paint or re-route pipe. These areas of the plant must be equipped with fall protection so workers can tie into horizontal cable lines or pipe rack lifelines in order to perform their tasks safely.

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Thermal hazards due to high operating temperature of process equipment

Vessels, separators, valves, pipes and tanks are all important types of process equipment at a chemical plant. This equipment is used to store liquids, remove gases, distill and separate oil, water and various hydrocarbons. In many cases by-products are recovered in the process which could include hazardous solvents. Operators and maintenance personnel will have to adjust, repair or replace components of process equipment. The conditions of the process equipment, even within normal operating limits can be dangerous posing the risk of burn injuries or exposure.

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