//Fatal Bicycle Accidents
Fatal Bicycle Accidents

Houston Lawyers for Wrongful Death Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists in Houston face tremendous risk every time they enjoy their sport on our roads. Motorists often do not see bicycle until it is too late to avoid a collision.  It is usually the driver’s fault but the most seriously injured is the rider.  If your loved one has been killed in a bicycle accident, contact Houston wrongful death lawyers with the experience to ensure that you and your family receive the maximum compensation that is allowed by Texas law.


Bicycle accidents caused drivers of cars and trucks can result in serious injury.

Many drivers simply do not understand that they need to share the road with bicyclists. Failing to share the road causes most accidents involving a bicycle and a car or truck. Houston car accident lawyer Michael P. Fleming, knows the rights of cyclists on the road. He and his family have completed several charity MS-150 Bike Rides from Houston to Austin, Texas.

Unfortunately for bicycle riders, the realities of a collision between a motor vehicle, which is composed mostly of steel and which may weigh several tons, and a bicyclist whose only protection may be a light helmet, is that the bicycle rider is likely to suffer grave, possibly fatal injuries.

What are the rights of a bicycle rider hit by a car?

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Ask a Lawyer Now!

Losing a loved one in a wrongful death bicycle accident is a situation no one should have to go through without effective legal guidance that can create accountability by holding the driver who caused the accident responsible for the loss he or she has caused under Texas law.

Help For Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones To Fatal Bicycle Accidents

At Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C., our Houston attorneys offer highly effective representation that is sensitive to the difficult situation you are going through. We are committed to offering a level of representation that takes care of our clients’ needs and which allows them to focus on family and personal needs.