Wrongful Death Lawyers in Houston for Distracted Driving Accidents

Houston Fatal Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers
Wrongful Death Lawyers in Houston for Distracted DrivingWrongful Death Lawyers in Houston for Distracted Driving

It can feel like a blur when you’re left sorting out what happened after your loved one dies in a car accident.

It can happen tragically to anyone on the road in Houston – or any other city in Texas. In a moment, a loved one driving to work, home, or the store, is gone in an accident that didn’t have to happen. Fatal distracted driving accidents are an unthinkable tragedy that leave families in mourning and despair.

It might seem like an impossible mission to find the truth behind an accident when someone you love is killed in a car crash. It may be just as difficult to file a claim and understand legal issues after a devastating loss. Where do you start? How do you know if you should file a wrongful death claim?

The right Houston wrongful death attorney can help. Fleming Law, P.C., represents surviving spouses, children, and parents after they’ve lost a loved one in a fatal distracted driving accident. Our lawyers will properly investigate the crash and identify the party responsible for the death. Through this difficult but important legal process, you can have peace of mind and receive proper compensation for damages incurred by the loss of your loved one.

Fleming Law, P.C.: Justice in Fatal Crash Cases

We have been successful in obtaining settlements for many, many wrongful death cases. A recent fatal crash case in El Paso, Texas, shows our dedication and expert pre-trial questioning at work for the grieving family of an accident victim.

Fatal Distracted Driving Accident Case

In this particular case there were two cars. Car #1 was driven by a driver with three passengers. In car #2 there were no passengers, and the driver was killed in the crash. In a statement, the driver of car #1 said he was traveling in the right lane, and observed car #2 pull into his lane from the shoulder. He said that he swerved left to avoid a collision but hit car #2’s left rear bumper, which caused it to spin out of control, flip, and hit a rock wall.

Expert Wrongful Death Investigating Skills

At first glance, the case seems straight forward and nothing hints to a distracted driving incident or wrongful death case. But through an expert crash investigation and pre-trial questioning, our team discovered evidence from Texas Highway Patrol and testimony from the defendants that showed that the driver of car #1 was lying.

Witnesses had seen him weaving in and out of traffic right before the crash. Among other critical evidence, our lawyers also found that car #2 had been driving on the freeway for at least 30 minutes before the accident, which means he did not just pull into the right lane from the shoulder. We won and the driver was charged with criminal negligent homicide and failure to control speed. Our client received a settlement for their loved one’s wrongful death.

Who can investigate my loved one’s death on behalf of my family?

What We Do

A car wreck attorney at Fleming Law, P.C., can provide family members of fatal distracted driving victims with expert investigation services. For each and every vehicle crash investigation, we will:

  • Secure all video, photographs, and 911 call information
  • Subpoena cell phone records
  • Obtain “major crash investigation” report
  • Interview crash investigators
  • Obtain toxicology reports of the driver of the car that caused the accident
  • Obtain autopsy report of the victim
  • Interview all witnesses
  • Hire medical experts to determine the extent of pain and suffering before death
  • Hire crash reconstructionists to determine what led to the crash and who was at fault
  • Obtain vehicle maintenance records for the car that caused the accident

Distracted Driving Accident Statistics

Wrongful deaths caused by distracted driving is a very serious threat on our Houston roadways that is only now beginning to gain the attention it deserves.

In 2014 alone, 3,179 people were killed in car crashes involving distracted drivers, according to Distraction.Gov. Texting while driving, using a cell phone, grooming, and adjusting the radio are all activities that can distract a driver from focusing on the road.

As cell phones have become more ubiquitous and texting has become an accepted means of communication, more people are texting and talking on their cell phones while behind the wheel.

The average texting driver takes their eyes off the road for five seconds – enough time to travel the length of a football field.

busy interstate in Houstonbusy interstate in HoustonStudies have shown that distracted driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. For drivers who text as their primary means of communication, the effects of distracted driving can be further exacerbated by their lack of experience behind the wheel.

When you lose someone you love, these facts become a reality. Let us help you through this difficult time by acting quickly on your behalf. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can gather the information we need to win your case. Often times important evidence such as text messages or cell phone records are deleted, which means we need to act now.

Have you recently lost a loved one due to a motorist that was texting while driving?

Help for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones to Fatal Accidents

At Fleming Law, P.C., our attorneys are skilled at securing the evidence necessary to build a strong case. We know how to determine if you qualify for a survival action claim, and will find clear evidence that shows the other driver’s responsibility for the accident he or she caused.

Contact The Harris County Fatal Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers Of Fleming Law, P.C.

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal distracted driving accident in Houston or elsewhere, you need to choose an injury attorney with the skill and experience necessary to help you create accountability and secure the full compensation you deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our wrongful death attorneys, call 737-201-0543, toll-free at 888-529-0018, or contact us online.

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