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Wrong way driving, which leads to head-on collisions, often causes the most severe injuries and highest rate of occupant fatalities out of all crash types. When a driver heads down the road going the incorrect way, something seriously wrong has occurred in his or her decision making process. If you were the victim of a head-on collision with another vehicle, you need to work with a Houston car accident attorney to hold that party responsible for your damages.

Typical Causes of Wrong-Way Collisions 

According to KHOU News, there were 36 wrong-way collisions in just the first three months of 2017 alone. There are a variety of reasons why a driver may head down a street going the wrong direction. These include:

  • Distracted Driving: Increasingly, motor vehicle collisions are caused by distracted drivers who spend their time looking down at their cell phones rather than looking up at the road. Distraction also comes in the form of talking on the phone, using a center dashboard screen, noisy passengers, eating, drinking, or even having an animated conversation with a passenger.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Even one drink can drastically impair a driver’s ability to focus, make rational decisions, and react in time to changing traffic circumstances. Drunk or high drivers may get confused easily, or take a great risk, and head down a street at top speed without any regard for oncoming vehicles.
  • Reckless or Aggressive Driving: Drivers who feel the need to take risks or shortcuts sometimes cause wrong-way collisions and should be held liable for their actions.

Commonly, the excuse that such drivers will make for going the wrong way is that they were from out of town or that they did not know where they were going, or they will blame their mistake on allegedly poorly designed infrastructure or lack of signage. No matter their rationale for causing a head on collision, it is important to remember that because you were not at fault for causing the incident, you deserve to be compensated. Their excuses do not erase their negligence. For most crimes, there must be an element of intent. On the road, intent is not necessary to assign liability when a collision occurs.

Can I sue if a wrong way driver hit me?

Future Technology to Prevent Wrong-Way Collisions

While more advanced warning signage is popping up across the state, such as flashing lights at the entrance of wrong-way ramps, some believe that new car technology will help save lives. Researchers at Texas A&M Transportation Institute have been studying how future technology may help prevent wrong way collisions, of which the state averages 237 per year. This technology includes vehicle communication, which can alert a driver that a wrong-way vehicle is approaching.

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