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    Dog bites and attacks cause numerous deaths and serious disfiguring injuries every year in and around Houston. Children are especially vulnerable to getting attacked. If you or your child are injured by a dog attack, seek an experienced Houston dog bite injury lawyer at Fleming Law.



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    Dog Bite Lawsuits in Houston

    In August 2016, an 86-year-old grandfather and Houston area resident was bitten in the leg by a neighbor’s dog.

    He immediately had his injuries tended to at the hospital. Still, despite the professional medical care, the injury became a massive infection that turned his leg black and threatened his life.

    Even worse, this episode wasn’t the first time he and his family had a run-in with the unruly canine. The dog has a habit of escaping from its yard and attacking children and families in the area.

    What level of owner neglect was in play when, time after time, children and the elderly were unsafe in their own neighborhood?

    Obviously, this should never happen in Houston, TX, or anywhere. Contact a dog bite lawyer near me.

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    If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite it is important that you contact our Houston dog bite lawyers as soon as possible.

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