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Personal Injury Attorney Michael P. Fleming

Former Elected Harris County Attorney Michael P. Fleming knows how to prepare for trial and win. He did it at the Supreme Court and he can do it for you!

Our attorneys have the experience to take cases to trial to win verdicts that our clients deserve.

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What Real Clients Say About Fleming & Associates

They handled every aspect of our case with skill and precision…

My Mom was hit by a car in Aug 2012 and my family and I were traumatized. It became evident that we needed to talk to an attorney. I called around 6pm and we were called back immediately. Things progressed quickly. Before long we were meeting with the staff about our case, we settled our case in less than a year. Although my mom died… Michael P. Flemming & Associates helped us get justice and closure for our loss.

- Gabe

This firm did an excellent job of handling our case

This firm did an excellent job of handling our case. My husband, toddler and I were driving home, when our car was hit by a drunk driver who was racing and who tried to flee accident scene. Our car was totaled, I got stitches on my face, and the family suffered minor injuries. Fleming & Associates aggressively pursued the case, and helped our family get the best care for our injuries and suffering. Thanks you so much!

- Alison

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A serious injury can alter your life and affect your loved ones. At Michael P. Fleming & Associates, we want to help. If someone else’s negligence causes you to suffer traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, burns, fractures or any other harm, our experienced personal injury attorneys will pursue maximum compensation for you.

Michael is among the small percentage of lawyers who have been Board Certified as a specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. If the insurance company fails to make a fair settlement offer, we will be ready to fight for you at trial.

We can handle all your Houston Personal Injury cases:


Our civil attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide range of complex civil litigation matters. If your business is being sued we can defend it. We can fight to protect your reputation and assets so that you can return to business as usual.

Michael Fleming is also board certified in Real Estate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. If you need to enforce a deed restriction or are accused of violating one he has the experience to handle it. You may also face cases of breach of contract and fraud. No matter what your situation we strive to provide the best representation.

Get Supreme Court Experience for your case or trial:


Insurance companies in Texas want to protect their profits. When one of their insured drivers causes a auto accident, they will do everything they can to minimize or avoid payouts. At Michael P. Fleming & Associates, we will focus solely on protecting you. We will stand up to the insurance company and aggressively seek the compensation you deserve.

For more than 30 years, our skilled car accident attorneys have helped victims of all types of auto accidents, including crashes involving speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, hit-and-run drivers and uninsured/underinsured motorists. We can go to work for you right away.

We can handle all your Houston Auto Accident cases:

How Our Houston Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

If you have never worked with a personal injury attorney, you are probably wondering how a lawyer can help you after a car crash or other serious accident. Here are just a few highlights of the many important efforts you can trust your lawyer to make on your behalf:

  • Thoroughly analyze your situation during a free, no obligation consultation and offer you a candid assessment of your potential case and best legal options.
  • Help you secure proper medical treatment for your injuries.
  • Help you get your vehicle repaired or replaced by the responsible insurance company.
  • Conduct an independent investigation into the actual cause of the accident.
  • Determine who should be held responsible for your injuries.
  • Uncover all potential sources of insurance coverage and other potential sources of compensation.
  • Work with medical experts, vocational experts, financial experts and others to fully account for all of your losses due to the accident.
  • Gather any available witness accounts of the accident.
  • Compile evidence from the crash scene, including thoroughly reviewing photos, personal accounts, and the police report.
  • Consult with accident reconstructionists and other experts as necessary to demonstrate how the crash happened and who was responsible.
  • Handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies. If they call you, you can tell them, “Talk to my lawyer.”
  • Collect all documentation of medical treatments, lost work, vehicle damage and other losses.
  • Calculate the full extent of your losses due to the accident.
  • Build a solid case for compensation.
  • Advocate for your rights at the negotiating table.
  • Pursue your claim in court if that is what is necessary to secure appropriate compensation.
  • Not charge you anything for our legal services unless and until we win compensation for you. Our fee would then come out of the settlement or award, meaning you never have to pay us out of your pocket.

Highly Experienced Lawyers In Houston

Attorney Michael P. Fleming has been practicing law for nearly 30 years. Very few lawyers have argued and won a case before the Supreme Court of the United States. Whether you have a civil litigation matter or personal matter, need a plaintiff’s attorney or need to defend a lawsuit, a trial attorney with experience is your best option.

Michael Fleming is a Board-certified Trial Lawyer with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. With Mr. Fleming handling your case you know that you’re getting the best possible representation in Houston.

As a client you will have one of the most well respected

attorneys in Houston handling your case.

Personalized Service

An attorney, not a paralegal will ALWAYS handle your case. We will meet you in person and we speak English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

High Standards

We take great pride in the high level of service that we give all our clients. We will keep you informed at every stage and on every aspect of your case.

We Fight!

We prepare every case as if it is the most important matter in the office because we know that it is YOUR most important case in our office.

You can rest assured

Leave everything to our attorneys. We are experienced. We are professional. And we will work to win your case so you can get paid and get back to enjoying life.

Trial Lawyers

We know when to go to trial. If the insurance company isn't playing fair or the other party is unreasonable, we take your case to trial.

Aggressive Representation at Trial

We interview all witnesses and we hire experts. We use the right evidence, at the right time to argue your case in front of a judge and jury…and WIN!

Free Consultation, Free Advice

If you are faced with a legal situation your first step should be to call our attorneys for free advice. If your legal matter is not something we handle we can give you advice on what you can do, what your options are and where you can go for help.

We handle civil defense and business law cases on a retainer or hourly fee basis. Personal injury cases are on a contingency basis meaning that we don’t get paid unless we get compensation for your losses.