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Client Reviews & Testimonials

At Michael P. Fleming & Associates in Houston Texas we have successfully recovered millions for our personal injury clients. Our lawyers handle many types of cases, in particular cases involving those who have been injured in car accidents, truck accidents and injured on the job.

Jie Fang
Jie Fang
14:25 13 Jul 19
I am extremely happy with Nicolas Fleming's service. Will no doubt to call him again next time.
Lucia De la Rosa
Lucia De la Rosa
04:49 11 Jul 19
Thanks to Nicholas Flemings for representing us in our case help us get our case dismiss. Highly recommend to go very honest and trustworthy person.
Q. Booth
Q. Booth
18:54 20 May 19
This law firm deserves 10 stars! They are very knowledgeable & professional yet caring. My lawyer “Audrey” tirelessly worked on my case for 5 ½ years. She is very astute and you definitely want her on your side. She gave 110% to my case and I am extremely pleased with the outcome.Insurance companies whether they represent you or someone else are not looking out for you best interest, they're looking to save money.If you would like a law firm and lawyer to always place your best interest at the forefront and fight for your rights, please do not hesitate to select Fleming & Associates to represent you. You will not regret it!
Jason Morman
Jason Morman
23:20 26 Apr 19
Flemming and associates has helped me in many different ways. A couple of years ago they helped me remove a very pushy, nasty and disgruntled commercial tenant that didn't like to follow his lease agreement! The removal of the tenant was a 100 percent success with the tenant having to pay all attorney fees mine, his and court cost! The most recent was case was an eminent domain case against the state of Texas where the State tried to shortchange me on my real estate, the state offered 600k originally and Flemming and Associates ended up getting me 900k... Law suites and anything that has to do with the legal system can be extremely stressful, Flemming and Associates removes all of that stress!
Jacob Araujo
Jacob Araujo
15:37 23 Apr 19
Michael Fleming and his staff are some of the kindest and smartest group of people I have met. He helped me and my father deal with a sensitive contractual issue in a matter of days rather than weeks. I highly recommend Michael P. Fleming & Associates to anyone in need of legal assistance.
Ann Schade
Ann Schade
15:37 04 Mar 19
Flemming and Associates helped me out in a very difficult time. My situation involved a family dispute which made this process even more difficult because of personal feelings. This rating comes because Audrey Manito went above and beyond in communicating with me, answering all of my questions, and making sure I was aware of my options. I never felt inferior, she communicated to me so I understood the entire process. I can't thank her enough. Thank You!
Jc3 Llc
Jc3 Llc
19:32 28 Nov 18
I don/t write many reviews so when i do its worth mentioning...Mr Fleming and i had a great discussion about an issue i had. Even though i'm in a different area than he and he probably wouldn't be working with me.... he still took the time to give me some very helpful advice. In a world where humanity is lacking its very refreshing to see there's still genuine people.

I am really happy about the end result and the way things worked out...

June of 2016 changed my life. I was hit from behind while waiting at the red light on my motorcycle by a motorist who was texting and driving. I honestly thought at the time of impact, this was it. After receiving treatment for my injuries and broken bones, I reached out to the best firm I could find to represent me and my interest. I found Fleming & Associates and was connected with Audrey. We talked about the facts of my case and what needed to be done. I really appreciated her thoughtfulness, and guidance through the whole process. Even when I got frustrated, she was a calm voice who assured me that things will work out, and explained the process better. She continually kept me and my wife informed, which is rare, and I am really happy about the end result and the way things worked out. I hope to not need their services anytime soon, but should I do, or if anyone I know does, I will most certainly tell them to go see Audrey at Fleming & Associates. I appreciate them turning a bad situation into a positive outcome. Thanks Audrey! you are the best.
- Robert

Attorney Fleming advised me of the best course of action...

I recently retained Michael Fleming. He was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Attorney Fleming advised me of the best course of action and he promptly executed all of the legal paperwork. I was extremely happy with everything he did. The communication was quick an he was always available to answer any questions. I will definitely use him again. I highly recommend Michael Fleming to anyone needing an attorney. When you need an attorney, experience matters and Fleming is very experienced.
- Scott

Giving back to the community is clearly something that this law firm takes very seriously...

Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. was gracious enough to award me with a law school scholarship this year. Giving back to the community is clearly something that this law firm takes very seriously. I am extremely grateful for this honor!
- Christina

Fleming and Associates were the answer to my prayers...

I was hit by a drunk driver. Fleming and Associates were the answer to my prayers. Audrey Manito is a five star attorney working for a five star firm. Audrey did a thoroughly outstanding job for me. She is tiny, but one tough negotiator. They delivered on every promise made. Every detail of my case was meticulously attended to. I was informed of the progress every step of the way. Every call was responded to and every question answered. I couldn't ask for a better attorney. I will NEVER use anyone else. I am one very satisfied client. 2 thumbs up Fleming and Associates.
- Charlotte

The very best representation available...

My Wife and I were represented recently by Mr Fleming and  Associates for a personal injury case. I have had a previous case for a real estate transaction represented by Mr Fleming that went to a Jury trial. I have been very satisfied with both cases. Fleming and his Associates are top notch Attorneys. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the very best representation available.
- Jerry

This firm did an excellent job of handling our case

drunk driving This firm did an excellent job of handling our case. My husband, toddler and I were driving home, when our car was hit by a drunk driver who was racing and who tried to flee accident scene. Our car was totaled, I got stitches on my face, and the family suffered minor injuries. Fleming & Associates aggressively pursued the case, and helped our family get the best care for our injuries and suffering. Quick responses, continuous communication, answered questions thoroughly, and really showed commitment to our case. Thanks you so much!
- Alison

I highly recommenced Michael P. Fleming & Associates

I had a complicate case of auto accident on highway, and all 3 vehicle was involved, specially medical treatment was main issue, Michael P. Fleming & Associates took my case, they worked my case very professionally. Till end, took slightly an year but Michael P. Fleming & Associates fight real hard for me. They recover all my loss and medical bill as well.
- David

they handled every aspect of our case with skill and precision…

My Mom was hit by a car in Aug 2012 and my family and I were traumatized. It became evident that we needed to talk to an attorney. My sister typed in the search and Michael P. Fleming & Associates was at the top of the search. I called around 6pm and Atty. Laura Krzesienski called back immediately. We set an appt and met. Laura was a God send... she was very empathetic to what we were going through. I had no doubt she was the one I wanted helping us. She got things rolling on our behalf. Things progressed quickly. Before long we were meeting with the staff about our case, we settled our case in less than a year. Although my mom died... Michael P. Flemming & Associates helped us get justice and closure for our loss.
- Terrance

After being hit by an irresponsible driver...

I was on my way home from work when I was rear ended at a high rate of speed on the freeway by a drunk driver. I hired Michael P. Fleming to be my attorney and Ms. Laura Krzesienski handled my case. I went through physical therepy and many of doctor appointments. Ms. Laura communicated with me daily giving me updates on my case and worked diligently to get me a very appropriate settlement. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend them. Thank you so much Ms. Laura.
- Andre

...this is the guy to go to

broken arm personal injuryAttorney Fleming is a great lawyer. He really understands what he is doing and finds the best ways to help you out with a case. If you ever need a lawyer, this is the guy to go to.
- Richard

Brilliant attorney with a wealth of experience

Michael Fleming and his staff have been a tremendous help to me and my company. His experience and his network of associates have been extremely helpful in fulfilling my legal needs. Mr. Fleming's counsel has always directed me to the best possible outcome. Mr. Fleming and his firm is always responsive and attentive to our needs and our questions. Brilliant attorney with a wealth of experience.
- Jesse Valeriano

Thanks for the professionalism and integrity

Thanks for the professionalism and integrity representing me, always dependable. My appreciation to Ms. Manito.
- Carlos

I got hurt on the job and had no work or help for my kid

I got hurt on the job and had no work or help for my kid. Michael Fleming and his staff were there for me and my family. Great lawyer!
- Louis