Case Results


18-Wheeler Accident


Sexual Assault


Wrongful Death


Car Collision

Our client was t-boned while passing through an intersection. She sustained injuries to her shoulder, back and ribs. The defendant’s insurance carrier initially offered $140,000. We litigated the case and recovered a policy limits settlement of $1,000,000.


Corporate Negligence

$847k scalp burned at salon

$295k dog bite incident.

Dog Bite

$235,000 Pedestrian Accident

Car Collision

$130k vehicle collided with livestock on roadway

Car Collision

Our client was driving to work in the early morning hours when she suddenly struck a
black bull in the middle of the road. The bull had escaped the fencing of a nearby
property. Our client suffered a large gash and ensuing scar on her face from the injury.
Fortunately, the county in which the accident occurred had adopted a stock law that
required landowners to fence in their cattle. We settled the case for $130,000.