How Will I Pay My Medical Bills?

an attorney will get your medical bills to support your car accident claiman attorney will get your medical bills to support your car accident claimRecovery from the at-fault party after a car accident or other personal injury often doesn’t occur until after you know the extent of your injuries. Getting to the doctor immediately following the accident is important. There may be many resources available to you to help with the costs of your doctor’s or other provider’s care. First, check your own automobile insurance policy to see if you elected to carry Personal Injury Protection – known as “PIP” – coverage. PIP coverage will reimburse you for medical expenses or lost wages if you have been injured in a car wreck regardless of who may have been at fault. Second, check your automobile insurance policy for medical payments- “Med Pay” coverage. PIP and Med Pay coverage may also extend any passengers in your vehicle.

You can also rely on your own health insurance coverage to defray your medical costs. Remember, if you do recover from the at-fault driver, you will likely have to reimburse your health insurance carrier for payments it made on your behalf. You probably won’t need to repay any PIP payments if you recover money from the at-fault driver. In any event, be sure to let your attorney know if you are using your own insurance to pay for your bills.